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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-15Fix ansible-integration test to use the new status for plays and tasksDavid Moreau Simard
2018-10-19Fixed integration tests.Florian Apolloner
2018-10-16Change parameters to arguments in hacking/validateDavid Moreau Simard
2018-09-12Update ansible-integration testsDavid Moreau Simard
2018-09-05Add Stats model and APIDavid Moreau Simard
2018-06-29Fix trailing slashes in validation script, add hosts and resultsDavid Moreau Simard
2018-06-20Add a basic job to test integration between server, clients and pluginsDavid Moreau Simard
2018-06-20First iteration of callback using APIDavid Moreau Simard