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Add more structure and hints about the process
The docs are clear about our overall process as a group, but these are specific guides for those wanting to submit proposals. Change-Id: I485f80e96b8c3b68ec2c2bab6f941471bfe972e4
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1Add proposals for Architecture WG collaboration here. 1Add proposals for Architecture WG collaboration here.
3These are mostly free-form documents, that should answer a few base questions:
5 * What specifically do you think is in need of architectural design
6 work in OpenStack?
8 * What background supports your claim that there's need to spend
9 resources analyzing, designing, and changing OpenStack in this way?
11 * Do you have ideas for what the Architecture Working Group would do
12 with this proposal? This would generally be, but is not limited to,
13 some of the following things:
15 * Produce an accurate analysis on the current state of [topic].
17 * Produce a cross-project spec and/or community goal for OpenStack
18 to work to support findings.
20 * Find and integrate existing solutions from outside OpenStack via
21 drivers/plugins/etc.
23As long as the proposal is on-topic for OpenStack, we will merge it
24and begin work to either accept it and gather support for working on
25it, improve the proposal, or reject it. The ultimate goal is to move
26the proposal out of here into backlog or active. The proposal should be
27ammended with next-steps before or while it is moved to backlog or active.
28Rejected proposals will be moved to rejected.