AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-26Cleanup tox.ini: Remove obsolete constraintsHEADmasterAndreas Jaeger
2016-08-12Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txtAndreas Jaeger
2016-04-13Initial implementation of strategiesEvgeniy L
2016-04-13Refactoring of allocation solvers.Evgeniy L
2016-03-23Full renaming from bareon-dynamic-allocator to bareon-allocatorEvgeniy L
2016-03-23Fix repository name in .gitreview fileEvgeniy L
2016-03-23Add bindep to install system level dependenciesEvgeniy L
2016-03-17Extracted parsing logic and objects creation into separate classEvgeniy L
2016-03-17Common initialisation logic into Base ObjectEvgeniy L
2016-03-17User Base class for allacator classesEvgeniy L
2016-03-15Rename package from bareon-dynamic-allocator to bareon-allocatorEvgeniy L
2016-02-18Move helper methods into utils fileEvgeniy L
2016-02-18Extract Disk and Space object into separate fileEvgeniy L
2016-02-17Add three disk test case with cephEvgeniy L
2016-02-17Add two disk tests casesEvgeniy L
2016-02-17Add single disk integration testsEvgeniy L
2016-02-17Rename test from specific_size_only to size_onlyEvgeniy L
2016-02-16Add tests if only maximum size volumes are specifiedEvgeniy L
2016-02-16Add test for spaces with specific sizeEvgeniy L
2016-02-16Use fixtures names as names for testsEvgeniy L
2016-02-16Generate doc string for integration testsEvgeniy L
2016-02-16Generate tests by fixturesEvgeniy L
2016-02-09Initial implementation of data driverEvgeniy L
2016-02-09Fix pep8 errorsEvgeniy L
2016-02-09Remove pypy testsEvgeniy L
2016-02-02Add prototype of automatic allocation of raid like volumesEvgeniy L
2016-01-18Add file with usage of Mixed Integer Programming with PulpEvgeniy L
2016-01-14Doc. Replace /var/lib with /var mount pointEvgeniy L
2016-01-14Allocate for ceph space which is left on a single diskEvgeniy L
2016-01-14Add allocation examplesEvgeniy L
2016-01-14Add scripts to generate doc with examplesEvgeniy L
2016-01-14Add examples with schemasEvgeniy L
2016-01-14Add parameter for svg viewer to be able to generate pictures which are not ge...Evgeniy L
2016-01-14Add dst svg file generation parameter for cliEvgeniy L
2016-01-14Do not use max_size for grouping, do not add vg, add warning if idx is not foundEvgeniy L
2016-01-14Add examples generatorEvgeniy L
2016-01-13Doc. Fix mathjax url to use https instead of httpEvgeniy L
2016-01-12Doc. We user -> we useEvgeniy L
2016-01-12Doc. Fix asterisk multiplicationEvgeniy L
2016-01-12Doc. Couple of fixes after reviewEvgeniy L
2016-01-12Doc. Remove A matrix transposition since it's not requiredEvgeniy L
2016-01-11Doc. Vector x should be transposed when multiplied by A.Evgeniy L
2016-01-11Doc. Fix confusing sentence in introductionEvgeniy L
2016-01-11Doc. Fix coefficient definition to use math formattingEvgeniy L
2016-01-11Doc. Capitalize items in numbered listEvgeniy L
2016-01-11Doc. Multiple fixes of equations and textEvgeniy L
2016-01-11Doc. Multiple fixes for the text and equationsEvgeniy L
2016-01-11Doc. Fix usage exampleEvgeniy L
2016-01-11Fix coefficients for objective functionEvgeniy L
2016-01-11Doc. Complete best with disks sectionEvgeniy L