AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-25Update readme to reflect the location of code supporting agent version 3 and ...HEADmasterVitaliy Kharechko
2016-10-10Add support for black hole detectionVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-08-26Cleanup tox.ini: Remove obsolete constraintsAndreas Jaeger
2016-08-17Add support for fabric-trunk data in LAG resolution reportsVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-08-03Workaround missing content-type, and formatting issues seen from some agentsVitaliy Kharechko
2016-07-14More documentation format fixesVitaliy Kharechko
2016-07-13Improve document formattingVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-07-13Update monasca serializer documentationVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-07-12Add packet trace handler support (handler, serializer for Monasca, plugin int...Vitaliy Kharechko
2016-06-30Minor documentation fixesVitaliy Kharechko
2016-06-15Resolve issue with the last commit to broadview-collectorVitaliy Kharechko
2016-06-09Catch possible exceptions in POST handlerVitaliy Kharechko
2016-05-26Minor changes to support running outside of OpenStack environment, plus some ...Vitaliy Kharechko
2016-05-24Add Apache Kafka BST plugin and documentationVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-05-18Gracefully handle missing stacklight configurationVitaliy Kharechko
2016-05-17Add Mirantis Stacklight plugin and serializerVitaliy Kharechko
2016-05-12Add BroadView agent IP address to generated metricsVitaliy Kharechko
2016-04-22Add broadview-ui to devstack installationVitaliy Kharechko
2016-04-14Fix broken image references in microburst simulation docVitaliy Kharechko
2016-04-13Add documentation for microburst simulationVitaliy Kharechko
2016-04-08Add bst burst simulator for generating agent traffic into collectorVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-04-04Add publisher for syslogtahir24434
2016-03-31Add documentation for the bst to monasca serializerVitaliy Kharechko
2016-03-11Remove commented-out unit tests from BST to Monasca serializerVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-03-10Correct the licence text in fileVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-03-09Initial commit of broadview-collectorVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-02-22Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator