AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-25Update readme to reflect the location of code supporting agent version 3 and ...HEADmasterVitaliy Kharechko
2016-10-11Add support for configure-system-feature and cancel-requestVitaliy Kharechko
2016-10-10Fix issue with bhd report nameVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-09-22Agent can send PT notification with timestamp set to epoch, even if NOS clock...Vitaliy Kharechko
2016-09-22PT LAG and ECMP resolution require JSON-RPC ID number as input for later canc...Vitaliy Kharechko
2016-09-07Merge "Cleanup tox.ini: Remove obsolete constraints"Jenkins
2016-09-05Fix issues with setting and getting BST stats-in-percentage setting, and mino...Vitaliy Kharechko
2016-08-26Cleanup tox.ini: Remove obsolete constraintsAndreas Jaeger
2016-08-18Fix issue with return values in PT config, add support for fabric trunk info ...Volodymyr Samotiy
2016-08-01Handle case where no auth configuration in /etcVitaliy Kharechko
2016-07-21Add support for Black Hole DetectionVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-07-11Change naming on some of the API functions for consistencyVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-07-01Clean up auth impl, add env variables for auth, and documentationVitaliy Kharechko
2016-07-01Rename packet-trace-drop-reasons to packet-trace-supported-drop-reasonsVitaliy Kharechko
2016-06-29Add bv-ptctl, minor bug fixes, documentation updatesVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-06-27Add bv-ctl command and API for GetSwitchProperties and GetSystemFeatureVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-06-24Fix packettrace URLVitaliy Kharechko
2016-06-23Only logoff if auth method and logout definedVitaliy Kharechko
2016-06-22Packet Trace config and query commandsVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-06-20Add PacketTrace parserVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-06-14Support HTTP authenticationVitaliy Kharechko
2016-06-10Add port argument to bv-bstctl examplesVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-04-13Fix bogus config POST URL that was accepted by 2.x agents, but not by 3.x agentsVitaliy Kharechko
2016-03-28Convert bv-bstctl BST Tracking output to JSONVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-03-24Add timeouts to broadview-lib requests, update bv-bstctl with timeout command...Volodymyr Samotiy
2016-03-21Fix JSON output, and make bv-bstctl executable from shellVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-03-03Address some error handling issues in the bst parser and add a few unit testsVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-02-23Update setup.cfg with correct README file and project nameVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-02-18Replace README.rst file with README.mdVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-02-17Initial commit of broadview-libVolodymyr Samotiy
2016-02-15Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator