AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-25Initial commit to OpenStack gerritHEADmasterBilal Baqar
2016-09-30Moving to Apache-2.0 LicenseJunaid Ali
2016-08-29Updated file README.md14.04-eolJunaid Ali
2016-08-26Restarting neutron-server after PG upgrade/downgradeJunaid Ali
2016-08-25Making sure neutron-server is restarted after a PG package upgradeJunaid Ali
2016-08-20Adding 6.0 features supportJunaid Ali
2016-08-20Upgrade networking-plumgrid package if networking-buildJunaid Ali
2016-08-20Added config networking-buildJunaid Ali
2016-08-20Changes: (#1)Junaid Ali
2016-06-22Changes:Junaid Ali
2016-06-21Added new config 'project-domain-name'Junaid Ali
2016-06-21Added new config 'project-domain-name'Junaid Ali
2016-06-04Resynced charm-helpersJunaid Ali
2016-06-04Resynced helpers to cater for neutron-common 8.1Junaid Ali
2016-05-29user-domain-name config addedBilal Baqar
2016-05-24Updating unit testsJunaid Ali
2016-05-23logging IOError for sources.listJunaid Ali
2016-05-23added user-domain-name configJunaid Ali
2016-05-22Updated configure_pg_sourcesJunaid Ali
2016-05-21Configured plumgrid install sourcesJunaid Ali
2016-05-21Configured plumgrid install sourcesJunaid Ali
2016-05-19Liberty/Mitaka changesJunaid Ali
2016-05-18Merge: Mitaka support addedBilal Baqar
2016-05-18pip-proxy changesJunaid Ali
2016-05-17changesBilal Baqar
2016-05-17Updated config.yamlJunaid Ali
2016-05-17pip-proxy changesJunaid Ali
2016-05-16Updated description for connector-type configJunaid Ali
2016-05-16added pip-proxy config and mitaka dictionary item for networking plumgridJunaid Ali
2016-05-14mitaka changesJunaid Ali
2016-05-04Updating functions names and code commentsJunaid Ali
2016-05-04fixing unit_testJunaid Ali
2016-05-04added symlinkJunaid Ali
2016-05-04added relation with director to extract pg vip etc.Junaid Ali
2016-05-03changing legacy-mode's default value to TrueJunaid Ali
2016-05-02Added pgrc file (ECMP support)Junaid Ali
2016-04-30l2VTEP and ECMP support plus unit_test fixJunaid Ali
2016-04-27Updated plumgrid and pumlib.ini plus context file update to ensure config writesJunaid Ali
2016-04-25Merge: Liberty/Mitaka supportBilal Baqar
2016-04-24Removed hook identity-admin-relation-departedJunaid Ali
2016-04-23fixing make lintJunaid Ali
2016-04-22Updated unit_testsJunaid Ali
2016-04-21make sync: addition of new filesJunaid Ali
2016-04-21Updated default value for legacy modeJunaid Ali
2016-04-19changes for kilo to liberty upgradeJunaid Ali
2016-04-18Liberty changesJunaid Ali
2016-04-08Updated readmeBilal Baqar
2016-04-08Updated README and Setting 5.0 tagBilal Baqar
2016-04-08Revision updateBilal Baqar