AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-08Fix errors reported by shellcheck for SystemConfig and OpenLDAPSergey Kraynev
2016-08-08Merge "Add test for packages structure"Jenkins
2016-08-08Merge "Make units and linters run in tox by default"Jenkins
2016-08-08Merge "Fix errors reported by shellcheck for Gerrit and Jenkins"Jenkins
2016-08-08Merge "Add shebang for"Jenkins
2016-08-08Fix errors reported by shellcheck for Gerrit and JenkinsSergey Kraynev
2016-08-08Merge "Fix lint errors in tools/"Jenkins
2016-08-08Add shebang for default_packages_list.shSergey Kraynev
2016-08-08Fix lint errors in tools/prepare_packages.shAlexey Khivin
2016-08-08Merge "Fix indentation warnings LBaaS"Jenkins
2016-08-08Merge "Fix indentation warnings CI/CD"Jenkins
2016-08-04Merge "Release version 0.0.10 for all CI/CD apps"Jenkins
2016-08-03Merge "Artifactory, Nexus, Elk applications added"Jenkins
2016-08-03Fix indentation warnings LBaaSSergey Kraynev
2016-08-03Fix indentation warnings CI/CDSergey Kraynev
2016-08-03Release version 0.0.10 for all CI/CD appsSergey Kraynev
2016-08-03Add test for packages structureSergey Kraynev
2016-08-03Make units and linters run in tox by defaultSergey Kraynev
2016-08-02Excess spaces and lines removedAlexey Khivin
2016-08-02Merge "LBaaS packages contents moved to 'package' folder"Jenkins
2016-08-02Merge "Fix shellcheck errors for LBaaS apps"Jenkins
2016-08-02Merge "Cycle dependency of Puppet and CICDUtils was avoided"Jenkins
2016-08-02Merge "[Puppet] Class for building puppet cluster"Jenkins
2016-08-02Fix issue in teardown when cleanup_after is usedAnastasia Kuznetsova
2016-08-01Cycle dependency of Puppet and CICDUtils was avoidedAlexey Khivin
2016-08-01LBaaS packages contents moved to 'package' folderNikolay Mahotkin
2016-08-01[Puppet] Class for building puppet clusterAlexey Khivin
2016-08-01Fix shellcheck errors for LBaaS appsSergey Kraynev
2016-08-01Make patch_id field type 'integer'Sergey Kraynev
2016-08-01Merge "Switch to stable branch for system-config"Jenkins
2016-08-01Merge "Make parsing for namespaces more strictly"Jenkins
2016-07-29Switch to stable branch for system-configSergey Kraynev
2016-07-29Remove new lines at the end of fileSergey Kraynev
2016-07-29Remove traling spaces in yaml filesSergey Kraynev
2016-07-29Make parsing for namespaces more strictlySergey Kraynev
2016-07-29Fix Jenkins Job Builder installationSergey Kraynev
2016-07-27Add simple {shell,yaml}-check scriptalexz
2016-07-26Artifactory, Nexus, Elk applications addedasilenkov
2016-07-25Merge "Run unittests via tox"Jenkins
2016-07-25Merge "Move system-config url to properties"Jenkins
2016-07-21Run unittests via toxSergey Kraynev
2016-07-21Move all *.sh and *.pp files to scripts directoriesSergey Kraynev
2016-07-20Move system-config url to propertiesSergey Kraynev
2016-07-14Merge "Remove unused namespace from ZuulNodepoolHelper"Jenkins
2016-07-14Merge "Remove unused empty args from template"Jenkins
2016-07-14Remove empty Parameters sections from templatesSergey Kraynev
2016-07-14Merge "Collect murano-agent logs after test execution"Jenkins
2016-07-14Merge "Add checks for Zuul and Nodepool to the functional test"Jenkins
2016-07-14Merge "[Jenkins] Add usage of applyManifest method to Jenkins.yaml"Jenkins
2016-07-14Remove unused namespace from ZuulNodepoolHelperSergey Kraynev