BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermade changes to remove all public/private/isolated ips from serverBasavaraj Lamani6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-01-04made changes to remove all public/private/isolated ips from serverHEADmasterBasavaraj Lamani
2019-01-03test case added to test reserved ip addresses are not assigned to serverBasavaraj Lamani
2018-12-24Minor changes to get server in active state for fixed ip's test casesBasavaraj Lamani
2018-12-12Changes for QE metrics tags additionNandhini Devi Kaliaperumal
2018-12-07Review comment addressed to correct the @tag decoratorsNandhini Devi Kaliaperumal
2018-12-06Add tags for QE metrics and arrange import orderNandhini Devi Kaliaperumal
2018-12-03Added server actions test casesBasavaraj Lamani
2018-11-27Minor change for the test case "test_with_incorrect_data". Response status sh...Basavaraj Lamani
2018-11-23Added list virtual interfaces and delete virtual interface test casesBasavaraj Lamani
2018-11-16virtual interface test cases addedBasavaraj Lamani