AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-18Syncing opnfv compass-adapters With openstack/compass-adaptersHEADmasterXicheng Chang
2015-06-17Support rally in dockerXicheng Chang
2015-06-11change the default review branchShuo Yang
2015-06-05Merge branch 'master' into dev/experimental;Shuo Yang
2015-06-03rally Dockerfiledev/experimentalMatthewLi
2015-05-28Fix handlers in database and cinder-volumeXicheng Chang
2015-05-28Add support for PLUMgrid via Ansible playbookBrian Matheson
2015-05-21Changed ansible code structure.Xicheng Chang
2015-04-30Merge "do not sync all log back to compass" into dev/experimentalJenkins
2015-04-30Merge "Fix errors in novnc-proxy" into dev/experimentalJenkins
2015-04-29Fix errors in novnc-proxyXicheng Chang
2015-04-28Initial commit for rally in dockerXicheng Chang
2015-04-28do not sync all log back to compassxiaodongwang
2015-04-24Fix bugs in ansible common roleXicheng Chang
2015-04-22add ks_mirror into the default reposxiaodongwang
2015-04-20Fix hardcode for ubuntu apt-keyXicheng Chang
2015-04-10Merge "Add rally's dockerfile for rally docker build." into dev/experimentalJenkins
2015-04-08Add rally's dockerfile for rally docker build.Xicheng Chang
2015-04-06do not quit when ssh key file not existsxiaodongwang
2015-04-04Add Ansible playbooks and modified cobbler snippetsXicheng Chang
2015-04-02add chef support to install openstack in sle11sp3xiaodongwang
2015-03-27fix two potential bugs to make ubuntu14.04 pass regtestxiaodongwang
2015-03-08add user configuration and fix some bugsxiaodongwang
2015-03-06fix typo that root partition should be / not /rootxiaodongwang
2015-03-06Merge "add initial version of suse support" into dev/experimentalJenkins
2015-03-04Add log analyzor for CentOS7Lei Lei
2015-03-03add initial version of suse supportxiaodongwang
2015-02-23force update apt-get before rebootxiaodongwang
2015-02-17correct chef run scriptxiaodongwang
2015-02-09fix missing backslash in haproxy confxiaodongwang
2015-02-08make openstack installation support proxy modexiaodongwang
2015-01-28Merge "use knife node list instead of knife search node to check existance" i...Jenkins
2015-01-22update adapter config to support multi os versionsxiaodongwang
2014-12-26use knife node list instead of knife search node to check existanceJerry Zhao
2014-12-15Merge "make cobbler support reserve disk space" into dev/experimentalJenkins
2014-12-12add biosboot partitionxiaodongwang
2014-12-12make cobbler support reserve disk spacexiaodongwang
2014-12-10Merge "avoid multi chef client run starts" into dev/experimentalJenkins
2014-12-06avoid multi chef client run startsxiaodongwang
2014-12-06add feature to reserve space umounted on diskxiaodongwang
2014-12-05Merge "clean mbr section on all disks when installing os" into dev/experimentalJenkins
2014-12-05clean mbr section on all disks when installing osxiaodongwang
2014-12-04make ubuntu openstack works with proxyxiaodongwang
2014-12-03move parted package installation to outsidexiaodongwang
2014-12-01Merge "fix gem install failure for ubuntu" into dev/experimentalJenkins
2014-11-27fix gem install failure for ubuntuJerry Zhao
2014-11-26move clean repos command in case when local_repo usedxiaodongwang
2014-11-21Merge "fix package 'parted' not found Closes-bug: #1392131" into dev/experime...Jenkins
2014-11-20Merge "Separate cobbler IP from compass IP in cobbler snippets" into dev/expe...Jenkins
2014-11-20fix package 'parted' not foundgrace.yu