AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-03Revert "Retire stackforge/compass-install"HEADmasterXicheng Chang
2015-10-17Retire stackforge/compass-installMonty Taylor
2015-05-28Add ansible callback plugin to compassXicheng Chang
2015-04-18install setuptools twice to ensure latest versionJerry Zhao
2015-04-17install ansible outside virtualenvJerry Zhao
2015-04-15Add support for ansible regtestXicheng Chang
2015-04-11add ansible setup setupsJerry Zhao
2015-04-09regtest commissioningJerry Zhao
2015-04-03Verify non-dockerized compassJerry Zhao
2015-04-01non-dockerized installation playbookJerry Zhao
2015-03-27add vm and role for regtestJerry Zhao
2015-03-26make 1404 workXicheng Chang
2015-03-25Add support for 14.04Xicheng Chang
2015-03-25add vagrantfile for compass-installJerry Zhao
2015-03-24ignore inventoriesJerry Zhao
2015-03-20Fix two bugsXicheng Chang
2015-03-19Add build for cobblerXicheng Chang
2015-01-28Update: add ansible codeXicheng Chang
2014-12-12Initial commmitXicheng Chang
2014-12-12Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator