AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-05Merge "Update nova driver default API version to 2.26"HEAD8.0.0.0b2masterZuul
2018-05-30Merge "datasource driver framework to accept webhook"Zuul
2018-05-14Update nova driver default API version to 2.26Eric K
2018-05-14datasource driver framework to accept webhookEric K
2018-05-11Update and fix tag-based policy in libraryEric K
2018-05-09Merge "Follow the new PTI for document build"Zuul
2018-05-09Merge "Fixing link in docs"Zuul
2018-05-09Merge "Replace Chinese punctuation with English punctuation"Zuul
2018-04-28Replace Chinese punctuation with English punctuationinspurericzhang
2018-04-28Replace 'assertFalse(a in b)' with 'assertNotIn(a, b)'inspurericzhang
2018-04-24Fixing link in docsakhiljain23
2018-04-21Trivial: Update pypi url to new urlmelissaml
2018-04-19Follow the new PTI for document buildAnusha Ramineni
2018-04-18Update documentation regarding deprecated option8.0.0.0b1Anusha Ramineni
2018-04-17Merge "Correct handling of known configs in cfgvalidator datasource"Zuul
2018-04-17Merge "Add release notes for feature enable-drivers-by-default"Zuul
2018-04-17Merge "Load custom drivers from config option"Zuul
2018-04-16Merge "Monasca driver poll time type fixed"Zuul
2018-04-16Merge "configure monasca service in gate"Zuul
2018-04-13Merge "Update lower-constraints to match requirements"Zuul
2018-04-13Add release notes for feature enable-drivers-by-defaultAnusha Ramineni
2018-04-13Load custom drivers from config optionAnusha Ramineni
2018-04-12Update lower-constraints to match requirementsAnusha Ramineni
2018-04-12Merge "Fix the unintended .: rendering in doc"Zuul
2018-04-12Monasca driver poll time type fixedEric K
2018-04-11configure monasca service in gateEric K
2018-04-11Merge "Add disable_drivers config option"Zuul
2018-04-10Fix the unintended .: rendering in docEric K
2018-04-10Fix doc cloudservices and policy format errorYuanbin.Chen
2018-04-10Correct handling of known configs in cfgvalidator datasourcePierre Crégut
2018-04-10Add disable_drivers config optionAnusha Ramineni
2018-04-10Merge "Loads all available drivers by default"Zuul
2018-04-10Merge "Add mistral-tempest-plugin to TEMPEST_PLUGINS"Zuul
2018-04-10Merge "disable mistral in py35 jobs"Zuul
2018-04-09Enable mutable config in CongressAnusha Ramineni
2018-04-06Replace LOG.warn with LOG.warningwangqi
2018-04-06update cfgvalidator for oslo.config 6.0.1Eric K
2018-04-04Add mistral-tempest-plugin to TEMPEST_PLUGINSEric K
2018-04-04disable mistral in py35 jobsEric K
2018-03-31Merge "Revise neutronv1 removal release note"Zuul
2018-03-31Revise neutronv1 removal release noteEric K
2018-03-30Merge "fix a typo of requirements"Zuul
2018-03-28Merge "Make differential pub-sub standard in DSE2"Zuul
2018-03-27Loads all available drivers by defaultAnusha Ramineni
2018-03-26fix a typo of requirementswanghui
2018-03-26Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2018-03-25Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2018-03-23Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2018-03-23Merge "Incorrect exception in case of empty string"Zuul
2018-03-23Merge "Make tenant_name as optional config option"Zuul