AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-05-25Merge "Fix typos in coreos-image-builder"HEADmasterJenkins
2015-05-15Fix typos in coreos-image-builderMitsuhiro SHIGEMATSU
2015-05-15Add .gitreview fileMitsuhiro SHIGEMATSU
2015-02-06Prevent CoreOS from using configdrive in ramdiskJay Faulkner
2014-11-18Use requirements.txt from the root for image buildJim Rollenhagen
2014-11-18Cleanup coreos-oem-inject.pyVladyslav Drok
2014-11-18Fix requests version for build scriptsJim Rollenhagen
2014-09-19Merge "Add support to build iso image"Jenkins
2014-09-19Preserve environment variables when doing sudoRamakrishnan G
2014-09-17Add support to build iso imageRamakrishnan G
2014-09-08Add missing "/files" to IPA image URLsJay Faulkner
2014-09-08Fix minor documentation issuesJay Faulkner
2014-09-08Fix incorrect documentationJay Faulkner
2014-08-26Clean up image build scriptJim Rollenhagen
2014-07-29Bump CoreOS to latest stableJim Rollenhagen
2014-07-09Migrate CoreOS to use coreos-cloudinitJay Faulkner
2014-07-03Install requirements for coreos-oem-inject.pyJay Faulkner
2014-07-02Run make with sudo when buildingJim Rollenhagen
2014-07-02Add current directory logging to build scriptJim Rollenhagen
2014-06-25Add infra build script to IPAJay Faulkner
2014-06-25Converted documentation in md format to rstMike Heald
2014-06-24No longer recommend use of ipa-advertise-urlJay Faulkner
2014-06-20Improve readme for CoreOS imagebuildJay Faulkner
2014-04-25Use systemd-nspawn instead of docker for imageJay Faulkner
2014-04-24Merge "Uniquely identify builds to prevent race"Jenkins
2014-04-17Uniquely identify builds to prevent raceJay Faulkner
2014-04-17Better documentation and defaults for coreos imageJay Faulkner
2014-04-17Use docker import/export to make image smallerJay Faulkner
2014-04-14Minor fixes to image buildJay Faulkner
2014-03-28Remove advertise-host from service fileJim Rollenhagen
2014-03-19Doing replacement on imagebuildJosh Gachnang
2014-03-14add horrible method of getting the host IPJim Rollenhagen
2014-03-10fix(coreos-oem-inject): Default to dev-channelJay Faulkner
2014-03-10remove api-url from unit fileJay Faulkner
2014-03-04img(coreos): Initial commit of CoreOS image buildJay Faulkner