BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
batch_alter- changelogMike Bayer3 years
debian/newtonreleasing package alembic version 0.8.8-2Ondřej Nový8 months
debian/ocatareleasing package alembic version 0.8.8-2Ondřej Nový8 months
edit-latestpython-editor 0.3 fixed a bug with using nano.Michel Albert2 years
masteraddress stamp issues in on_version_apply callbackjpassaro5 days
multi_branch- changelogMike Bayer3 years
rel_0_70.7.7Mike Bayer2 years
ticket_301- get all tests passing on new architectureMike Bayer2 years
ticket_302- fix up docs and add changelogs for #301 and #302Mike Bayer2 years
ticket_306- build out custom autogenerate compare hooksMike Bayer2 years
rel_0_9_3commit bea341e2a2...Mike Bayer2 weeks
rel_0_9_2commit a5a5266b8d...Mike Bayer2 months
rel_0_9_1commit 543783bca5...Mike Bayer5 months
rel_0_9_0commit d39c0ae72b...Mike Bayer5 months
0.8.10commit 376837484a...Ondřej Nový5 months
rel_0_8_10commit 376837484a...Mike Bayer6 months
rel_0_8_9commit 183a4a6cc3...Mike Bayer8 months
debian/0.8.8-2commit f06e631530...Ondřej Nový8 months
debian/0.8.8-1commit a28417c1ca...Ondřej Nový10 months
0.8.8commit d3676e25be...Ondřej Nový10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysaddress stamp issues in on_version_apply callbackHEADmasterjpassaro
6 days- 0.9.4 setupMike Bayer
2017-07-06- 0.9.3rel_0_9_3Mike Bayer
2017-07-06- fix some sphinx link stuffMike Bayer
2017-07-03expose on_version_apply callback to context usersJohn Passaro
2017-06-02Adjust for Variant returning itself as implMike Bayer
2017-06-01 - add dateutil to docs requirements so that all autodocMike Bayer
2017-05-31- Fixed unit tests to run correctly under the SQLAlchemy 1.0.x seriesMike Bayer
2017-05-31- 0.9.3 setupMike Bayer
2017-05-18- 0.9.2rel_0_9_2Mike Bayer