BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian/newtonBump build dependency on openstack-pkg-toolsDavid Rabel6 months
debian/ocataTeam upload.Ondřej Nový8 months
havana-1Prepare for next releasejfwood4 years
masterRetire Packaging Deb project reposTony Breeds10 days
stable/newtonMerge "Fix coverage test failure" into stable/newtonJenkins8 months
stable/ocataFix install guide docs for SUSEColleen Murphy3 months
tenantAPIfix a bug for mutiple page agent pairingjqxin20065 years
mitaka-eol-dpkgcommit e13bfbe9f5...Joshua Hesketh3 days
liberty-eol-dpkgcommit fde33e2dd8...Joshua Hesketh3 days
mitaka-eolcommit e13bfbe9f5...Joshua Hesketh3 months 6fdead9593...OpenStack Release Bot3 months 2948a004d6...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
4.0.0commit d0ebc6c321...OpenStack Release Bot7 months d0ebc6c321...OpenStack Release Bot8 months 8b93051df7...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
debian/3.0.0-1commit c9ca7324fd...Ondřej Nový8 months ea725053c0...OpenStack Release Bot9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-04-01Bump build dependency on openstack-pkg-toolsdebian/newtonDavid Rabel
2017-03-19Missing dependency net-tools addedDavid Rabel
2017-01-20Team upload.debian/3.0.0-1debian/ocataOndřej Nový
2017-01-20Patch-out upper constraints of SQLAlchemyOndřej Nový
2016-12-17Merge "Fix long desc" into debian/newtonJenkins
2016-12-14Fix long descThomas Goirand
2016-11-24Bumped debhelper compat version to 10Ondřej Nový
2016-10-06Packaging as 3.0.0.Thomas Goirand
2016-10-04Debconf translations + unstable uploaddebian/3.0.0_rc1-2Thomas Goirand
2016-10-01Build-Depends on openstack-pkg-tools (>= 53~).Thomas Goirand