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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-06Standardize colorized loggingErik Olof Gunnar Andersson
2018-10-16Fixing RabbitMQ gate timeoutsErik Olof Gunnar Andersson
2018-07-05Verify project-id when setting quotaPavlo Shchelokovskyy
2018-02-01os-loganayze fixGraham Hayes
2018-01-11Remove v1 APIGraham Hayes
2017-12-05Update CI JobsGraham Hayes
2017-10-25Merge "Implement policy in code (4)"Zuul
2017-10-24Implement policy in code (4)Dai Dang Van
2017-10-20Copy all dashboard panel files in devstack installJens Harbott
2017-09-01Stop creating admin and internal endpoints in devstack pluginJens Harbott
2017-08-29Fix tls startup in devstack pluginJens Harbott
2017-03-08Actually write out tempest config fileGraham Hayes
2016-12-02Update Devstack pluginGraham Hayes
2016-09-08Fix Grenade GateGraham Hayes
2016-08-24Worker ModelTim Simmons
2016-07-06Add v2/quotasGraham Hayes
2016-06-07Add centos7, remove Fedora Vagrant VMKiall Mac Innes
2016-06-02Merge "Update devstack dashboard+client clone+install method"Jenkins
2016-06-01Merge "DevStack: Set tempest nameservers config option correctly"Jenkins
2016-06-01Merge "remove verbose option in devstack plugin"Jenkins
2016-05-26Merge "Enable v2/recordsets API for tempest plugin"Jenkins
2016-05-27remove verbose option in devstack pluginZhiQiang Fan
2016-05-23DevStack: Support setting default quotasKiall Mac Innes
2016-05-23Enable v2/recordsets API for tempest pluginsonu.kumar
2016-05-17DevStack: Set tempest nameservers config option correctlyKiall Mac Innes
2016-05-16Update devstack dashboard+client clone+install methodKiall Mac Innes
2016-05-04Merge "Support multiple API and mDNS listen address pairs"Jenkins
2016-05-04Support multiple API and mDNS listen address pairsKiall Mac Innes
2016-05-03DevStack: Allow disabling of API versionsKiall Mac Innes
2016-04-14Add Agent DevStack BackendKiall Mac Innes
2016-04-10Add Tempest Plugin to DevStack PluginKiall Mac Innes
2016-03-25devstack: compile message catalogs during stack.shAkihiro Motoki
2016-03-17Enable use of Pools YAMLKiall Mac Innes
2016-03-17DevStack: Explicitly install libcap2-bin and don't fail without AAKiall Mac Innes
2016-02-22Cleanup after enable files refactorChris Johnson
2016-02-12Update numbering of dashboard enable filesChris Johnson
2016-01-26Fix order of installation in DevstackEndre Karlson
2015-11-27Migrate existing Devstack integration into a Devstack pluginChristian Berendt