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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-23DevStack: Support setting default quotasKiall Mac Innes
2016-05-23Enable v2/recordsets API for tempest pluginsonu.kumar
2016-05-18Merge "Integration/stress test using a simulated network"Jenkins
2016-05-17Integration/stress test using a simulated networkFederico Ceratto
2016-05-17DevStack: Set tempest nameservers config option correctlyKiall Mac Innes
2016-05-17Add Knot DNS backendFederico Ceratto
2016-05-16Update devstack dashboard+client clone+install methodKiall Mac Innes
2016-05-12Remove tempest plugin from non-tempest gateKiall Mac Innes
2016-05-04Merge "Support multiple API and mDNS listen address pairs"Jenkins
2016-05-04Support multiple API and mDNS listen address pairsKiall Mac Innes
2016-05-03DevStack: Allow disabling of API versionsKiall Mac Innes
2016-04-14Add Agent DevStack BackendKiall Mac Innes
2016-04-10Add Tempest Plugin to DevStack PluginKiall Mac Innes
2016-03-31Merge "Run the cli functional tests in openstack ci"Jenkins
2016-03-31Run the cli functional tests in openstack ciPaul Glass
2016-03-25devstack: compile message catalogs during stack.shAkihiro Motoki
2016-03-18Merge "Fix devstack/fedora/bind9 support"Jenkins
2016-03-17Enable use of Pools YAMLKiall Mac Innes
2016-03-17DevStack: Explicitly install libcap2-bin and don't fail without AAKiall Mac Innes
2016-03-16Fix devstack/fedora/bind9 supportAttila Fazekas
2016-03-07Add warning to devstack/README.rstFederico Ceratto
2016-02-22Cleanup after enable files refactorChris Johnson
2016-02-16Actually poll for zone deletesTim Simmons
2016-02-12Update numbering of dashboard enable filesChris Johnson
2016-01-26Fix order of installation in DevstackEndre Karlson
2016-01-06Fix CI Tempest jobsEndre Karlson
2015-11-27Migrate existing Devstack integration into a Devstack pluginChristian Berendt