AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-23Change manila post_test_hook to use plugin repoHEADmasterRaissa Sarmento
2017-10-17Use generic user for zuul v3Raissa Sarmento
2017-08-19remove tempest pinTom Barron
2017-02-27manila: use local.conf in pre_test_hook scriptTom Barron
2016-12-23Fix lvcreate failure in glusterfs with manilaTom Barron
2016-09-08clean up dispatches over GLUSTERFS_MANILA_DRIVER_TYPE and os releaseCsaba Henk
2016-07-08Do not upload manila service imagevponomaryov
2016-07-05Fix devstack hooks for manila CI jobsvponomaryov
2016-05-02Work around log file upload EPERM issueCsaba Henk
2016-03-15manila: disable ro access level tests for the two driversRamana Raja
2016-03-03add a glusterfs driver + heketi layout backend variantCsaba Henk
2016-01-07Fix Manila CI Tempest authentication issueRamana Raja
2015-12-23Fix for tox 2.3.1 failureRamana Raja
2015-12-14Merge "_create_thin_lv_gluster_vol: retry mounting the lv"Jenkins
2015-12-11_create_thin_lv_gluster_vol: retry mounting the lvCsaba Henk
2015-12-10manila: branch aware Tempest checkoutRamana Raja
2015-12-07Restrict scope of loop control variables to localRamana Raja
2015-11-23manila: Update tempest code used by CIRamana Raja
2015-10-21Refactoring devstack-plugin-glusterfs codeBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2015-09-24retry mkfs.xfs until subject LV becomes available (or a time bound is reached)Csaba Henk
2015-09-23manila-CI: Use 'capability_snapshot_support' optRamana Raja
2015-09-23Install glusterfs 3.7 for manila jobsBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-09-23Merge "Manila-CI: increase size of backend GlusterFS vol"Jenkins
2015-09-23Merge "Manila: Fix share_type in glusterfs (NFS) CI"Jenkins
2015-09-23Manila-CI: increase size of backend GlusterFS volRamana Raja
2015-09-23Manila-CI: Fix tempest config optionRamana Raja
2015-09-22Manila: Fix share_type in glusterfs (NFS) CIRamana Raja
2015-09-22Manila: fix access rule type for gluster_native CIRamana Raja
2015-09-21Manila: Disable consistency group testsRamana Raja
2015-09-12Manila-GlusterFS: Use Tempest plugin interfaceBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-08-24Manila-GlusterFS: Removing devstack/pre_, post_ test_hook scriptsBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-08-20manila: add missing tempest config optionRamana Raja
2015-08-19Manila-GlusterFS: Fix Neutron config setting in pre_test_hookBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-08-19Merge "Changing file permissions of glusterfs log files"Jenkins
2015-08-19Changing file permissions of glusterfs log filesBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-08-19devstack-plugin-glusterfs: GlusterFS as a backup driver for CinderBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-08-18Merge "Configure Manila with glusterfs_native driver"Jenkins
2015-08-17Configure Manila with glusterfs_native driverRamana Raja
2015-08-17Manila: add pre_, post_ test_hook scripts for CIRamana Raja
2015-08-15manila: skip snapshot related tempest casesRamana Raja
2015-08-15Configure Manila with share driverBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-08-15devstack-plugin-glusterfs: GlusterFS as a backend for ManilaBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-08-10devstack-plugin-glusterfs: GlusterFS as a backend for novaBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-08-10devstack-plugin-glusterfs: GlusterFS as a backend for glanceBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-08-10Merge "devstack-plugin-glusterfs: Adding checks for error conditions"Jenkins
2015-08-10Cinder: Make the default volume prov type as thickDeepak C Shetty
2015-08-06devstack-plugin-glusterfs: Adding checks for error conditionsBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-07-21devstack-plugin-glusterfs: Changing gluster volume namesBharat Kumar Kobagana
2015-07-20devstack-plugin-glusterfs: Refactoring plugin codeBharat Kumar Kobagana