AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysMerge "Support JSON file as an ERP driver"HEADmasterZuul
11 daysSupport JSON file as an ERP driverFeilong Wang
2019-02-19Merge "Add new transformer for Magnum pollster"Zuul
2019-01-15Fix the KeyError for getting the volume typesLingxian Kong
2019-01-07Support extra product categoryFei Long Wang
2018-11-29Support more licensed productsFeilong Wang
2018-10-26Add new transformer for Magnum pollsterFeilong Wang
2018-07-17Add new product category `premium support`Feilong Wang
2018-07-10Add failied project information in health API responseLingxian Kong
2018-07-06Get last collection time from valid projectsLingxian Kong
2018-05-28Improve odoo driver performanceFeilong Wang
2018-04-24Support ignore project in /health APIFeilong Wang
2018-03-29Support invisible products and fix the unitsFeilong Wang
2017-10-16Merge "Replace basestring with six.string_types"Zuul
2017-10-10Merge "Include windows vm usage in quotation"Jenkins
2017-09-28Merge "Replaces uuid.uuid4 with uuidutils.generate_uuid()"Zuul
2017-09-25Include windows vm usage in quotationLingxian Kong
2017-09-19Remove vestigate HUDSON_PUBLISH_DOCS referenceMonty Taylor
2017-09-15Add API refFei Long Wang
2017-09-04Merge "Return numberic type for volume in /measurements"Jenkins
2017-09-01Fix grant productFeilong Wang
2017-08-31Merge "[Trivialfix]Fix typos in distil"Jenkins
2017-08-31Merge "Update and replace http with https for doc links in distil"Jenkins
2017-08-31Return numberic type for volume in /measurementsFeilong Wang
2017-08-31Merge "Fix regression issue"Jenkins
2017-08-31Update and replace http with https for doc links in distilshangxiaobj
2017-08-31Fix regression issueFeilong Wang
2017-08-29Support py35Feilong Wang
2017-08-21Merge "Return invoice status"stable/pikeJenkins
2017-08-13[Trivialfix]Fix typos in distilshangxiaobj
2017-08-14Return invoice statusFeilong Wang
2017-08-11Support discount for prodcut category mappingFeilong Wang
2017-08-10Merge "Fix getting context info when doing policy check"Jenkins
2017-08-10Merge "Fix object storage mapping"Jenkins
2017-08-10Merge "Round the quantity for storage product"Jenkins
2017-08-10Merge "Remove useless config options"Jenkins
2017-08-09Fix typoFeilong Wang
2017-08-09Merge "Improve cache about get products"Jenkins
2017-08-09Merge "Ensure using UTC for /quotations"Jenkins
2017-08-09Merge "Fix ut for project order"Jenkins
2017-08-09Merge "Cache invoices"Jenkins
2017-08-09Round the quantity for storage productFeilong Wang
2017-08-09Add oslo.cache to distil.confFeilong Wang
2017-08-08Fix object storage mappingFeilong Wang
2017-08-08Remove useless config optionsFeilong Wang
2017-08-07Merge "Stop using deprecated 'message' attribute in Exception"Jenkins
2017-08-07Fix ut for project orderLingxian Kong
2017-08-07Fix getting context info when doing policy checkLingxian Kong
2017-08-04Replace basestring with six.string_typesrajat29
2017-08-04Replaces uuid.uuid4 with uuidutils.generate_uuid()rajat29