BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Remove os.path.abspath() in ignore paths"Jenkins2 years
0.8.0commit 88d50ec108...OpenStack Release Bot24 months
0.7.0commit 4ef0e117d8...Davanum Srinivas3 years
0.6.0commit 062bf244b6...Joshua Harlow4 years
0.5.0commit 19cc3f5576...Joshua Harlow4 years
0.4.3commit 8b8f22329b...Joshua Harlow4 years
0.4.2commit a16a84e37b...Joshua Harlow5 years
0.4.1commit a2f8025e96...Joshua Harlow5 years
0.4.0commit a90983acad...Joshua Harlow5 years
0.3.8commit 74f4a31087...Joshua Harlow5 years
0.3.7commit 8ea62aff22...Joshua Harlow5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-03-21Merge "Remove os.path.abspath() in ignore paths"HEAD0.8.0masterJenkins
2017-03-21Merge "Fix ignore_path_errors call in main"Jenkins
2017-03-15Remove os.path.abspath() in ignore pathsJulien Danjou
2017-03-15Fix ignore_path_errors call in mainJulien Danjou
2017-01-14Add a -q option to be silent on successNed Batchelder
2016-12-15Change py34 to py35Andreas Jaeger
2016-01-29Merge "Skip long line check for rst definition list term"0.7.0Jenkins
2016-01-26Skip long line check for rst definition list termKATO Tomoyuki
2016-01-26Merge "remove python 2.6 trove classifier"Jenkins
2016-01-25Merge "Remove support for py33/py26"Jenkins