AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-23Get depend-update to work reliablyHEADmasterDavanum Srinivas
2017-03-23Update to gophercloud/gophercloudDavanum Srinivas
2017-03-22Ensure $DEST directory is created and CI Jobs passDavanum Srinivas
2017-03-16Initial cut of standalone docker-machine driver for openstackDavanum Srinivas
2016-10-04Remove old documentation source, add README on migrationJohn Mulhausen
2016-09-26WIP: docs update for d4mac, d4win, Hyper-V driver and other virtualization fa...Victoria Bialas
2016-06-02Add support for OS_CACERT in Openstack driverMathias Nyman
2016-04-22Expose OpenStack driver's userdata paramWade Tandy
2016-02-26Revert "Rackspace/Openstack - Add/enhance --*-net-* create switches."Nathan LeClaire
2016-02-25Merge pull request #2974 from robertjustjones/rackspace-net-switchesNathan LeClaire
2016-02-21Rackspace/Openstack - Add/enhance --*-net-* create switches.Robert Jones
2016-02-17FIX #3056 ls timeout when instance is stoppedDavid Gageot
2016-01-26FIX #2705 Add a command line sample for each driverDavid Gageot
2016-01-11Only derive tenant ID if tenant name is supplied.Ash Wilson
2016-01-04Merge pull request #2732 from dgageot/better-logsDavid Gageot
2016-01-04Remove some duplication related to swarmDavid Gageot
2016-01-04Logs for KillDavid Gageot
2016-01-04Logs for RestartDavid Gageot
2016-01-04Logs for StartDavid Gageot
2016-01-04Logs for StopDavid Gageot
2015-12-29Add --openstack-key-pair and --openstack-private-file-name so toFabrizio Soppelsa
2015-12-15Filter openstack floating IPs by tenant IDMatt Vinall
2015-12-08Merge pull request #2489 from jeanlaurent/logrusDavid Gageot
2015-12-07Order options in, to make docs more readableFabrizio Soppelsa
2015-12-07Remove withFieldsJean-Laurent de Morlhon
2015-12-05Sanitize keynames by replacing dots with underscoresFabrizio
2015-11-27Lint all Markdown documentsDavid Gageot
2015-11-13fix drivers GetUrl to build propper IPv6 addrVladimir Varankin
2015-11-10Another pass at lintingOlivier Gambier
2015-11-06Use rackspace's specialized clientAmir Mohammad Saied
2015-11-05LintOlivier Gambier
2015-11-05FIX #2171 Fix faulty flag and add tests for SetConfigFromFlagsDavid Gageot
2015-10-29Merge pull request #850 from dudymas/feat/openstack-nova-ip-poolsNathan LeClaire
2015-10-28Fix panic when using openstack driverFlavio Castelli
2015-10-26Revert "Remove useless duplication on GetSSHHostname"David Gageot
2015-10-21Remove useless duplication on GetSSHHostnameOlivier Gambier
2015-10-21Remove useless duplication on PreCreateCheckOlivier Gambier
2015-10-21feat(openstack): add flag for using nova networksJeremy White
2015-10-16Move towards using external binaries / RPC pluginsNathan LeClaire
2015-10-10add default AddressType: FixedChristian Mouttet
2015-10-09Add environment varibles for OpenStack flagsGuillaume Giamarchi
2015-10-09Add --openstack-ip-version optionHironobu Saitoh
2015-09-23Make libmachine usable by outside worldNathan LeClaire
2015-08-11openstack: New machine active timeout parameterDavid Zerulla
2015-07-28- Re-introduce config migration; fix panics occurring from older configsNathan LeClaire
2015-07-14First stage of splitting outMary Anthony
2015-07-07Refactoring drivers to embed drivers.DefaultDriverDave Henderson
2015-06-05Add option parameter availability_zoneLingFaKe
2015-06-01Stop polling the instance when status is ERRORGuillaume Giamarchi
2015-05-21remove providerEvan Hazlett