AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-05Change openstack-dev to openstack-discussHEADmaster98k
2018-11-16Replacing the link in HACKING.rstzhouxinyong
2018-11-13fix some errors for ill-syntax in usage.rstzhouxinyong
2017-05-05fix flavor and nic handling for servers0.1.1Doug Hellmann
2017-05-03add support for capturing server state0.1.0Doug Hellmann
2017-05-03add support for available volumesDoug Hellmann
2017-05-01add reno release notes to the doc buildDoug Hellmann
2017-05-01link to docs from readmeDoug Hellmann
2017-05-01add keypairs to resources initialized by defaultDoug Hellmann
2017-05-01add documentationDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30allow export to set up a different key to use for the serverDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30support querying available volumes by nameDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30add --version argument handlingDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30automatically grab the ssh key needed for each server exportedDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30clean up query blocks to make them consistentDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30support querying images by nameDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30add --server-flavor to query commandDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30rename server name query argDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30refactory query to use resource editor classDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30handle query for server by nameDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30support writing new resource fileDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30allow for missing resource fileDoug Hellmann
2017-04-30move cli setup into each command fileDoug Hellmann
2017-04-28update contributing instructionsDoug Hellmann
2017-04-28add image to demo input fileDoug Hellmann
2017-04-28add support for ssh keypairsDoug Hellmann
2017-04-28todo noteDoug Hellmann
2017-04-28prettier uuid mapping messagesDoug Hellmann
2017-04-28flake8 fixesDoug Hellmann
2017-04-28add pretty name to security group rule tasksDoug Hellmann
2017-04-28add support for subnetsDoug Hellmann
2017-04-28add support for networksDoug Hellmann
2017-04-28memoize creating volumesDoug Hellmann
2017-04-28update default image nameDoug Hellmann
2017-02-13ignore missing docstrings in pep8Doug Hellmann
2017-02-13map UUIDs of new objects to oldDoug Hellmann
2017-02-07expand instructions for running the demoDoug Hellmann
2017-02-07add a simple playbook to launch an instanceDoug Hellmann
2017-02-06use dist name os-downpour to avoid conflictDoug Hellmann
2017-02-06rename aerostat to downpourDoug Hellmann
2017-01-31add options to control whether progress bar appearsDoug Hellmann
2017-01-31use logging for multiple levels of verbosityDoug Hellmann
2017-01-31remove copyright headersDoug Hellmann
2017-01-31pep8 cleanupsDoug Hellmann
2017-01-31split main app into export and query subcommandsDoug Hellmann
2017-01-31add save_state flag for expensive resourcesDoug Hellmann
2017-01-31read list of resources to export from data fileDoug Hellmann
2017-01-31add input and output args; write playbook to fileDoug Hellmann
2017-01-31refer to os-client-config docs for auth setupDoug Hellmann
2017-01-31add simple instructions for runningDoug Hellmann