AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysMake corrections to the docker install documentationHEADmasterShachar Snapiri
4 daysMerge "Add Fedora based docker file creation"Zuul
4 daysAdd Fedora based docker file creationShachar Snapiri
5 daysAllow simple REST API container deploymentOmer Anson
5 daysAdd REST API serviceOmer Anson
5 daysGenerate valid JSON schema for OpenAPIOmer Anson
5 daysMerge "failed to get vm mac"Zuul
7 daysDowngrade unnecessary warning in TunnelingAppHong Hui Xiao
7 daysMerge "fix typos in lbaas.rst"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Add missing parameter for switch_backend.initialize"Zuul
8 daysMerge "opt in for neutron-lib consumption patches"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Don't quote {posargs} in tox.ini"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Add dragonflow-status upgrade check command framework"Zuul
8 daysMerge "use common rpc and exceptions from neutron-lib"Zuul
8 daysMerge "add local tox targets for pep8 and py3"Zuul
8 daysMerge "l3 notifer should not be a set"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Correct errors handling bridge event in provider app"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Print details of Switchport in log"Zuul
8 daysMerge "security group denies TCP flows when chassis-snat is enabled"Zuul
8 daysfix typos in lbaas.rstwangjian
8 daysMerge "Allow virtual tunnel ports to also have virtual sources"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Python3 complains when iterate bytes string"Zuul
9 daysMerge "Stop publishing docs"Zuul
11 daysStop publishing docsAndreas Jaeger
11 daysDon't quote {posargs} in tox.iniNguyen Van Trung
2018-10-30trivial: modify spelling error of messagelvxianguo
2018-10-18Add dragonflow-status upgrade check command frameworkwhoami-rajat
2018-10-10Remove extra publish-openstack-python-branch-tarball jobAndreas Jaeger
2018-09-26use common rpc and exceptions from neutron-libBoden R
2018-09-26add local tox targets for pep8 and py3Boden R
2018-09-25opt in for neutron-lib consumption patchesBoden R
2018-09-25Fix typos in docstringmelissaml
2018-09-25Merge "Update Zuul configuration"Zuul
2018-09-21l3 notifer should not be a setwangjian
2018-09-20failed to get vm macwangjian
2018-09-14Correct errors handling bridge event in provider appDong Jun
2018-09-13security group denies TCP flows when chassis-snat is enabledwangjian
2018-09-12Python3 complains when iterate bytes stringHong Hui Xiao
2018-09-11Print details of Switchport in logHong Hui Xiao
2018-09-10Add missing parameter for switch_backend.initializeHong Hui Xiao
2018-09-09Update Zuul configurationAndreas Jaeger
2018-09-07Spelling mistakeschengebj5238
2018-09-06Merge "add python 3.6 unit test job"Zuul
2018-09-06Merge "switch documentation job to new PTI"Zuul
2018-09-06Merge "import zuul job settings from project-config"Zuul
2018-09-06Merge "Add OpenFlow listen address to standalone configuration"Zuul
2018-09-06Allow virtual tunnel ports to also have virtual sourcesOmer Anson
2018-09-05add python 3.6 unit test jobNguyen Hai
2018-09-05switch documentation job to new PTINguyen Hai
2018-09-05import zuul job settings from project-configNguyen Hai