AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-05Update hotfix url to new locationHEADmasterHayley Swimelar
2017-04-20dkms packages doesn't automatically install linux-headers anymore.Philipp Marek
2017-01-20Don't run pvscan; it hangs with thinLV on xenial.Philipp Marek
2016-11-21Allow server to start before drbdmanage commands runSam Leonard
2016-09-07Enable drbd automaticallyAndreas Jaeger
2016-08-08Allow hotfixes.Philipp Marek
2016-05-03Use the available APT repository.Philipp Marek
2016-04-29README: Fix link in installation instructions.Philipp Marek
2016-03-07DRBDmanage 0.93-3.Philipp Marek
2016-03-03DRBDmanage 0.93.Philipp Marek
2016-03-03Avoid the compatibility-only class name.Philipp Marek
2016-02-10Merge "Upgrade to a current DRBDmanage (0.91), DRBD, and DRBD-utils."Jenkins
2016-02-05Fix tox file for bashateAndreas Jaeger
2016-02-04Upgrade to a current DRBDmanage (0.91), DRBD, and DRBD-utils.Philipp Marek
2015-12-03New DRBDmanage package 0.50-1.4.Philipp Marek
2015-11-24New DRBDmanage package (export_config bugfix).Philipp Marek
2015-11-12Allow to configure the DRBD transport protocol.Philipp Marek
2015-11-11Only modify $CINDER_CONF if it exists.Philipp Marek
2015-11-11Using drbdmanage in multi-node setups.Philipp Marek
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2015-09-28New DRBDmanage version 0.50.Philipp Marek
2015-09-23Fix an assumption: "btrfs-tools" might not be installed.Philipp Marek
2015-07-31New DRBD package versions.Philipp Marek
2015-06-22It's not enough to ignore the *data* LVs - .drbdctrl can race, too.Philipp Marek
2015-06-19Inhibit udev calling "blkid" and "btrfs" on the DRBD backend devices.Philipp Marek
2015-06-15Fix the directory layout, make it work within devstack too.Philipp Marek
2015-05-22drbd-devstack: Initial implementation.Philipp Marek
2015-04-09Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator