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masterVenu | Updated OpenStack summit 2015 videoVenu Murthy4 years
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2015-07-10Venu | Updated OpenStack summit 2015 videoHEADmasterVenu Murthy
2015-03-18Venu | Spice consoleVenu Murthy
2015-03-13Venu | amended readmeVenu Murthy
2015-02-06Updating Readme with the demo videoVenu Murthy
2015-02-06Adding image to update the ReadmeVenu Murthy
2014-12-15Removed placement and added subnet_id to run_instances. AddedKashyap Kopparam
2014-12-11Merge "Added import for logging with _ library"Jenkins
2014-12-11Added import for logging with _ libraryKashyap Kopparam
2014-12-09Kashyap & Venu | removed getutils import as it was unnecessary and leading errorVenu Murthy
2014-12-09Fix readmeKashyap Kopparam