AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-27Ed & Cam | Fix string comparison when terminating instances in testsEd Thome
2014-10-24Cam & Ed | Wait for elastic ip to be released in test teardown, assert on rel...cameron-r
2014-10-24kashyap | spawn now specifies availability zone, added test for detach volumeKashyap Kopparam
2014-10-22fixed gitignore conflictcameron-r
2014-10-22Cam & Ed | Fix cloudwatch import, skip attach volume test with motoEd Thome
2014-10-22Cam & Ed | Renaming, cleaning up importsEd Thome
2014-10-22Cam & Ed | Extract setup/teardown/helper methods for tests into superclassEd Thome
2014-10-22Cam & Ed | Fix skipped tests to use new environment variableEd Thome
2014-10-22Ed & Cam | Create logs directory when starting motoEd Thome
2014-10-22Cam & Ed | Change name of TEST environment variable to MOCK_EC2cameron-r
2014-10-22Cam & Ed | Fix endpoint/host/port config for ec2 connectioncameron-r
2014-10-22Ed & Cam | Update READMEcameron-r
2014-10-22Cam & Ed | Add section on running tests to READMEcameron-r
2014-10-22Ed & Cam | Scripts to start and end moto and setup environment for running mo...cameron-r
2014-10-22Ed & Cam | Don't sleep in tests and skip tests that don't work with moto if u...cameron-r
2014-10-22Cam & Ed | Remove superfluous moto testcameron-r
2014-10-22Cam & Ed | Script to run tests with moto and openstack startedcameron-r
2014-10-22Cam & Ed | Modify driver and tests to work with motocameron-r
2014-10-22Ed & Cam | Add separate configuration for testscameron-r
2014-10-21Venu | adding docStrings and refactoringnew
2014-10-21Kashyap | tear down now takes care of deleting volumesKashyap Kopparam
2014-10-21Kashyap | refactored the test class to provide nova_volume client instead of ...Kashyap Kopparam
2014-10-21Kashyap | added test for attach volume and modified the volume_map to support...Kashyap Kopparam
2014-10-20Ed & Cam | Modified .gitignorecameron-r
2014-10-16Cam & Ed | Set up Moto (mock Boto) server for testingcameron-r
2014-10-16Cameron & Ed | Refactoring on updating security groups for instances. Wrapped...cameron-r
2014-10-16#90 | Ed & Cam | can remove security groups from ec2 instances via openstackcameron-r
2014-10-16Kashyap | corrected the parameters of finish_revert_migrationKashyap Kopparam
2014-10-16Kashyap | Changed flavor map to use openstack's flavor IDs to map to EC2 flav...Kashyap Kopparam
2014-10-15Kashyap | volume swap is working and added a volume mapKashyap Kopparam
2014-10-14Venu | Set host resource informationnew
2014-10-14Venu | local stashnew
2014-10-14Venu | get host stats partial worknew
2014-10-13Cameron & Ed | Link security groups to instances on ec2cameron-r
2014-10-09Aparna & Cameron | get_diagnostics fetches info for the ec2 instancecameron-r
2014-10-07Aparna|Added location to snapshot image to fix issue of snapshot not going to...asparikh
2014-10-02Aparna & Cameron | Added the ec2 image id to the image metadata on Openstack ...asparikh
2014-10-01Kashyap | Changed EC2 state map pending from nostate to buildingKashyap Kopparam
2014-09-30Aparna & Cameron | Added a try & except in the wait_for_image_state(), cos on...asparikh
2014-09-30Aparna & Cameron | get_info shouldn't give errors anymore unless it's correct tocameron-r
2014-09-30Venu | get host info - WIPnew
2014-09-29Merge branch 'master' of
2014-09-29Added instructions to make changes to nova.conf to allow resizing.asparikh
2014-09-29Kashyap | Added volume_map to attach and detach volume mapping cinder volumes...Kashyap Kopparam
2014-09-26Kashyap | Attach volume attaches a standard volume to an instance, volume map...Kashyap Kopparam
2014-09-25Kashyap & Venu | updated attach_volume with the correct argumentsKashyap Kopparam
2014-09-25Kashyap & Venu added tests for user_data and workingnew
2014-09-24Aparna & Cameron | removed EC2Instance class as not needed.asparikh
2014-09-23Aparna & Cameron | destroy works even if ec2 instance doesn't exist, or is no...cameron-r
2014-09-23Aparna & Cameron | brought back wait_for_status_check()asparikh