AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-28Merge "Add placeholder for Train specs"HEADmasterZuul
2019-01-28Merge "Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss"Zuul
2019-01-28Merge "Update document building tox target"Zuul
2018-12-04Change openstack-dev to openstack-discussLeopardMa
2018-11-28Add placeholder for Train specswangyayan
2018-11-21Modify the describe about sftpgengchc2
2018-11-15Add ftp(s) support for freezergengchc2
2018-11-07Update document building tox targetNguyen Hai Truong
2018-11-06Merge "Switch to stestr"Zuul
2018-11-04Switch to stestrNguyen Hai Truong
2018-11-02Update min tox version to 2.0Nguyen Hai Truong
2018-10-24Merge "fix tox python3 overrides"Zuul
2018-10-22Added Stein directory for stein specsgecong1973
2018-09-26fix tox python3 overridesDoug Hellmann
2018-08-22import zuul job settings from project-configqingszhao
2018-08-19Update links in READMEmelissaml
2018-02-11Update doc links according to OpenStack document migrationsunjiazz
2017-06-21Use botocore instead of boto3Pengju Jiao
2017-06-04Increase s3 driver supportPengju Jiao
2017-05-04Added .testrepository in testenvDeepak Jon
2017-04-10Optimize the link addressDeepaJon
2017-04-03Change assignee for puppet specVitaliy
2017-03-23Freezer puppet manifests specVitalii Nogin
2017-03-16Added Pike directory for pike specsSaad Zaher
2017-03-16Merge "Migrating to relational db from ES"Jenkins
2017-03-16Merge "Cinder volumes backup using os-brick from Freezer"Jenkins
2017-03-02Migrating to relational db from ESNorbert Sana
2017-03-02Update test requirementricolin
2017-02-07Cinder volumes backup using os-brick from FreezerFausto Marzi
2016-12-22Block based backup support (rsync)Ruslan Aliev
2016-12-07Merge "Show team and repo badges on README"Jenkins
2016-11-29Create relevant files for OcataVitaliy
2016-11-25Show team and repo badges on READMEFlavio Percoco
2016-10-23Changed the home-page of freezer-specs in setup.cfgnizam
2016-10-13Initialization of the freezer-specs repoPierre-Arthur MATHIEU
2016-03-03Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator