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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-29use . instead of source.chao liu
2017-08-31Remove unused code about FREEZER_WEB_UI_DIR in devstack pluginlvdongbing
2017-08-11Fix the wrong linksyfzhao
2016-10-21Run normal tests instead of tempest tests in gate jobsSaad Zaher
2016-10-14Install python-freezerclient while using devstack pluginSaad Zaher
2016-10-13Added to devstack pluginSaad Zaher
2016-03-16Fixed freezer-web-ui directory when installJin Nan Zhang
2016-03-04Merge "fixed incorrect directory install freezer-web-ui"Jenkins
2016-03-03fixed incorrect directory install freezer-web-uiJin Nan Zhang
2016-03-03Merge "This is incorrect url in example doc and conf"Jenkins
2016-02-29This is incorrect url in example doc and confJin Nan Zhang
2016-02-23fixed compilemessages error when install use devstackJin Nan Zhang
2015-11-12Improved horizon dashboard for freezermemo
2015-11-09Added LICENSE file to freezer dashboardmemo
2015-10-16devstack plugin interfaceFabrizio Vanni