AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-20Fix database-backup dependenciesHEADmasterArtur Zarzycki
2017-03-20Merge "Add action for database backup"Jenkins
2017-03-17Merge "Increase liveness timeout"Jenkins
2017-03-16Fix cleanup of the leader recordProskurin Kirill
2017-03-14Increase liveness timeoutProskurin Kirill
2017-03-14Add action for database backupSergey Reshetnyak
2017-03-07Merge global and secrets configs in galera_checkerAnastasiya
2017-03-06Merge "Store sensitive configs in secret"Jenkins
2017-03-06Store sensitive configs in secretAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-03Remove unused service.database configAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-03Merge "Adjust to per-service configuration"Jenkins
2017-03-01Enable SSl for Galera by defaultSergey Kraynev
2017-02-28Adjust to per-service configurationAndrey Pavlov
2017-02-27Merge "Add an option to enable general and slow logs"Jenkins
2017-02-27Temporary disabling SSL for GaleraSergey Kraynev
2017-02-27Add an option to enable general and slow logsProskurin Kirill
2017-02-21Removing percona.tls optionAndrey Pavlov
2017-02-20Merge "Adding tls flag to db group"Jenkins
2017-02-20Adding tls flag to db groupAndrey Pavlov
2017-02-17We do not need client certificate to work with etcd SSLProskurin Kirill
2017-02-17Initila cluster node shouldnt expire during long bootstrapProskurin Kirill
2017-02-15Add scheme keyProskurin Kirill
2017-02-13Add SSL encryption to galeraProskurin Kirill
2017-01-31Merge "Configure sql_mode options"Jenkins
2017-01-31Configure sql_mode optionsRuslan Kamaldinov
2017-01-31Add SST sync detectionProskurin Kirill
2017-01-30Avoid, if possible, choosing current leader as donor nodeProskurin Kirill
2017-01-30Remove wsrep_sst_auth from the cmd lineProskurin Kirill
2017-01-30Converted readiness check to httpgetProskurin Kirill
2017-01-24Increase timeout for mysql waitingProskurin Kirill
2017-01-20Use FQDN domain name for etcd connectionProskurin Kirill
2017-01-20Enable gcache.recover featureProskurin Kirill
2017-01-20Add force-bootstrap featureProskurin Kirill
2017-01-19Haproxy container for galeraProskurin Kirill
2017-01-10Make cluster size configurableProskurin Kirill
2017-01-10Made recovery scenario more reliableProskurin Kirill
2016-12-27Fix logging and error levelProskurin Kirill
2016-12-26Added quoting to the mysql execProskurin Kirill
2016-12-26Small change for more readabilityProskurin Kirill
2016-12-23Add galera_chekerProskurin Kirill
2016-12-23Entrypoint rewrite in PythonProskurin Kirill
2016-12-23Replace DaemonSet with anityAffinity featureProskurin Kirill
2016-12-02Add an ability to define gcache.sizeProskurin Kirill
2016-12-02Add pep8 test and gitignoreProskurin Kirill
2016-11-21Adding minimal dsl version for servicesAndrey Pavlov
2016-11-19Add LICENSE fileSergey Lukjanov
2016-11-18etcd registration rework with proper lockingProskurin Kirill
2016-11-18Add percona based Galera clusterProskurin Kirill
2016-11-03Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator