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2017-07-28Merge "Update ansible to 2.3.0"HEADmasterJenkins
2017-07-28Merge "switch back to python2"Jenkins
2017-07-28switch back to python2Matthew Mosesohn
2017-07-28Merge "install python3-netaddr"Jenkins
2017-07-28install python3-netaddrMatthew Mosesohn
2017-07-28Merge "also update netaddr"Jenkins
2017-07-28also update netaddrMatthew Mosesohn
2017-07-28Merge "hack pyopenssl to work around SSL_ST_INIT bug"Jenkins
2017-07-28hack pyopenssl to work around SSL_ST_INIT bugMatthew Mosesohn
2017-07-27Merge "use python-pip3"Jenkins
2017-07-27use python-pip3Matthew Mosesohn
2017-07-27Merge "workaround for pyasn1 issues with pip"Jenkins
2017-07-27workaround for pyasn1 issues with pipMatthew Mosesohn
2017-07-12Use kubelet host mode by defaultMatthew Mosesohn
2017-04-27Update ansible to 2.3.0Sergii Golovatiuk
2017-04-04Improve tolerance for failed nodesMatthew Mosesohn
2017-03-09Merge "Clean imports in code"Jenkins
2017-03-01Merge "Do not hardcode full path to ansible-paybook binary"Jenkins
2017-03-01Merge "Disable callback plugins"Jenkins
2017-03-01Disable callback pluginsMatthew Mosesohn
2017-03-01Add scale mode defaultsMatthew Mosesohn
2017-03-01Do not hardcode full path to ansible-paybook binaryArtem Panchenko
2017-02-28Symlink group_vars directory instead of use as explicit varfileMatthew Mosesohn
2017-02-24Enable Ubuntu 16.04.2 supportSergii Golovatiuk
2017-02-24Fix fuel-ccp-installerSergii Golovatiuk
2017-02-23Clean imports in codeNguyen Hung Phuong
2017-02-20Merge "Add options to ansible.cfg"Jenkins
2017-02-20Bump versionsSergii Golovatiuk
2017-02-15Add options to ansible.cfgSergii Golovatiuk
2017-02-13Merge "Tweak kubelet monitor params"Jenkins
2017-02-13Merge "Packer mirror improvments"Jenkins
2017-02-13Packer mirror improvmentsSergii Golovatiuk
2017-02-13Tweak kubelet monitor paramsMatthew Mosesohn
2017-02-13Merge "Add DIB element for building image required for underlay"Jenkins
2017-02-13Merge "Refresh cache for ansible time to calculate time for killing dhclient"Jenkins
2017-02-10add atop package in preinstallMatthew Mosesohn
2017-02-10Refresh cache for ansible time to calculate time for killing dhclientMatthew Mosesohn
2017-02-09Pin Ansible to 2.2.1Matthew Mosesohn
2017-02-07Merge "Remove inventory repo support"Jenkins
2017-02-06Let killall dhclient fail when fixing networkingMatthew Mosesohn
2017-02-06Fix calico workaround for deployment without TTYMatthew Mosesohn
2017-02-03Add workaround for restarting network with calicoMatthew Mosesohn
2017-02-02Merge "Install python-pip, ensure other admin node packages"Jenkins
2017-02-02Install python-pip, ensure other admin node packagesMatthew Mosesohn
2017-02-02Merge "Set bridge-nf-call-iptables to 0 for fuel-devops deploy"Jenkins
2017-02-01Remove inventory repo supportMatthew Mosesohn
2017-01-31Set bridge-nf-call-iptables to 0 for fuel-devops deployMatthew Mosesohn
2017-01-31Raise service nodePort rangeMatthew Mosesohn
2017-01-31Check kubectl get nodes on kube-master[0]Matthew Mosesohn
2017-01-25Raise default dns_forward_max to 300Matthew Mosesohn