AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-22Add certificate for nova-compute-ironicHEADmasterMikhail
2017-03-16Add support cell_v2 apiSergey Reshetnyak
2017-03-16Merge "Fix novnc ssl issue"Jenkins
2017-03-15Fix novnc ssl issueProskurin Kirill
2017-03-15Fix keystone url for ironicMikhail
2017-03-15Add missed letter in schemeMikhail
2017-03-14Put cacert for nova-computeSergey Reshetnyak
2017-03-14Specify keystone api version for placement apiSergey Reshetnyak
2017-03-14Merge "Add basic support for hugepages"Jenkins
2017-03-13Merge "Allow to read certificate to all users"Jenkins
2017-03-13Allow to read certificate to all usersSergey Reshetnyak
2017-03-13Add basic support for hugepagesIlya Chukhnakov
2017-03-10Add SR-IOV supportElena Ezhova
2017-03-10Merge "Store sensitive configs in secret"Jenkins
2017-03-09Store sensitive configs in secretAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-09Don't use --upgrade when installing into venvYuriy Taraday
2017-03-07Add TLS support for placement apiSergey Reshetnyak
2017-03-07Add Placement API serviceSergey Reshetnyak
2017-03-06Merge "Make export of certificate depends on general option"Jenkins
2017-03-03Merge "Adjust to per-service configuration"Jenkins
2017-03-02Make export of certificate depends on general optionSergey Kraynev
2017-03-01TLS support for Nova servicesArtur Zarzycki
2017-02-28Adjust to per-service configurationAndrey Pavlov
2017-02-21Fix for the buildProskurin Kirill
2017-02-21Merge "Ceph packages are no longer available in the main repo"Jenkins
2017-02-21Merge "Make debug option name consistent for Nova"Jenkins
2017-02-21Moving tls flag from percona to db groupAndrey Pavlov
2017-02-21Make debug option name consistent for NovaSergey Kraynev
2017-02-20Ceph packages are no longer available in the main repoProskurin Kirill
2017-02-20Fix flavors creationProskurin Kirill
2017-02-20Merge "Fix import rbd python library"Jenkins
2017-02-20Add online data migrations for NovaIlya Kharin
2017-02-17Fix import rbd python libraryMikhail
2017-02-16Merge "Add DB sync action"Jenkins
2017-02-16Fix typoAndrey Pavlov
2017-02-15Merge "Use keystone_authtoken macros for auth"Jenkins
2017-02-15Add DB sync actionSergey Reshetnyak
2017-02-15Use keystone_authtoken macros for authSergey Reshetnyak
2017-02-13Add DB SSL supportProskurin Kirill
2017-02-06Update python-libvirt to 3.0.0 versionSergey Reshetnyak
2017-01-30Merge "Messaging multi-backend support"Jenkins
2017-01-27Messaging multi-backend supportKirill Bespalov
2017-01-23Fix problem with qemu-kvm dependencies in nova-libvirt containerArtur Zarzycki
2017-01-19Add annotations for prometheusBartosz Kupidura
2017-01-17Fix libvirt sedProskurin Kirill
2017-01-10Implement bootstrapping for custom nova flavorsSergey Kraynev
2016-12-29Fix for ingress fix...Proskurin Kirill
2016-12-29Use https if ingress is enabledProskurin Kirill
2016-12-26Add nova-compute-ironicAndrey Shestakov
2016-12-26Removed unneded probes. Merry Xmas!Proskurin Kirill