AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-31Merge "Diagnostic snapshot description"HEADmasterJenkins
2017-03-24Provide ability to run preStop commandMikhail
2017-03-22Change rolling update strategy for deployments with aaAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-21Fixing ccp statusAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-21Merge "Update documentation due to designate backend"Jenkins
2017-03-20Merge "Adding statefulsets to ccp status"Jenkins
2017-03-20Merge "Add docs about elasticsearch cluster"Jenkins
2017-03-16Merge "Add fuel-ccp-elasticsearch to defaults repos"Jenkins
2017-03-16Add docs about elasticsearch clusterPeter Razumovsky
2017-03-16Adding statefulsets to ccp statusAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-16DPDK flag is required for each physnet nowAleksandr Mogylchenko
2017-03-16Update documentation due to designate backendPeter Razumovsky
2017-03-15Add fuel-ccp-elasticsearch to defaults reposPeter Razumovsky
2017-03-14Fix upgradesAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-14Merge "Add docs on Neutron DVR support"Jenkins
2017-03-14Merge "Update global requirements"Jenkins
2017-03-13Add docs on Neutron DVR supportOleg Bondarev
2017-03-13Merge "Updated quickstart docs"Jenkins
2017-03-13Merge "Add SR-IOV docs"Jenkins
2017-03-10Adding headless serviceAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-10Fix: registry fails to start after node rebootIlya Chukhnakov
2017-03-09Add SR-IOV docsElena Ezhova
2017-03-09Merge "Add a note about secret_configs"Jenkins
2017-03-09Updated quickstart docsProskurin Kirill
2017-03-09Merge "Add OS_* variables to tox env for supporting SSL"Jenkins
2017-03-09Diagnostic snapshot descriptionArtur Zarzycki
2017-03-07Merge "Add Kubernetes Master Tier for 1000 Nodes design document"Jenkins
2017-03-07Merge "Architecture document on OpenStack CCP on 100 nodes scale"Jenkins
2017-03-07Check if nodePort existsAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-07StatefulSets cannot be updatedAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-07Add a note about secret_configsAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-06Merge "Initial AppController integration"Jenkins
2017-03-06Initial AppController integrationAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-06Merge "Doc about zmq in ccp"Jenkins
2017-03-06Doc about zmq in ccpAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-06Merge "Updates should be triggered on service/node configs change"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "Store sensitive configs in secret"Jenkins
2017-03-06Merge "Adding "services" doc"Jenkins
2017-03-06Updates should be triggered on service/node configs changeAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-06Store sensitive configs in secretAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-05Fixing upgradesAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-04Adding "services" docAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-03Add OS_* variables to tox env for supporting SSLSergey Kraynev
2017-03-03Adjust example configs to per-service configurationAndrey Pavlov
2017-03-03Merge "Configs overrides for custom services"Jenkins
2017-03-03Merge "Adding service-per-service support"Jenkins
2017-03-03Merge "Changing dependencies processing"Jenkins
2017-03-03Enable 'client auth' in certificates toolAleksandr Mogylchenko
2017-03-02Merge "Allow to specify jinja templates in actions"Jenkins
2017-03-02Merge "Fix merging custom parameters for actions"Jenkins