BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
futureRemove centos-versions.yaml ubuntu-versions.yamlVladimir Kozhukalov3 years
masterRemove unused gcc packageSergii Rizvan22 months
stable/8.0Merge "Restart mcollective after its configuration was fixed" into stable/8.0Jenkins19 months
stable/newtonRemove unused gcc packageSergii Rizvan22 months
stable/ocataRemove unused gcc packageSergii Rizvan22 months
7.0-eolcommit 6d17b1a414...Tony Breeds15 months
6.1-eolcommit c65d46feb2...Tony Breeds15 months
6.0-eolcommit 88277c55cf...Tony Breeds15 months
5.1-eolcommit 336e7628e0...Tony Breeds15 months
5.0-eolcommit a518638721...Tony Breeds15 months
4.1-eolcommit 4a017ff668...Tony Breeds15 months
mitaka-eolcommit b87afa2f80...Joshua Hesketh16 months
11.0.0commit aa0e4c51d3...OpenStack Release Bot22 months aa0e4c51d3...OpenStack Release Bot22 months 00ccb73d2d...OpenStack Release Bot23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-03-29Remove unused gcc packageHEADmasterSergii Rizvan
2017-03-29Add lshw to requirements-rpm.txtalexz
2017-03-07Add missing python-daemon package to requirementsVladimir Kuklin
2017-03-01Add bind package to requirements-rpm.txtVladimir Kozhukalov
2017-02-14Add holdback and hotfix repos into custom isos11.0.0.0rc1Valeriy Sakharov
2017-02-14Make sure the ISO tracks the latest merged codeValeriy Sakharov
2017-02-14Use mos and proposed repos during centos installVladimir Kozhukalov
2017-02-14Merge "Set default EXTRA_RPM_REPOS to use proposed repo"Jenkins
2017-01-30Set default EXTRA_RPM_REPOS to use proposed repoVladimir Kozhukalov
2017-01-30Remove useless kmod-e1000 packageIvan Suzdal