AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-16Merge "Add ability to specify NO_PROXY variable"HEADmasterJenkins
2017-03-13Add ability to specify NO_PROXY variableFedor Zhadaev
2017-01-30Merge "Replace six.iteritems() with .items()"
2017-01-30Merge "Replaced e.message with str(e)"Jenkins
2017-01-30Merge "H802 hacking have been deprecated"Jenkins
2017-01-19Replaced e.message with str(e)Cao Xuan Hoang
2017-01-03H802 hacking have been deprecatedxhzhf
2016-12-30Use listservers for dhcpcheckMichael Polenchuk
2016-12-13Fix local repo matching for bootstrap image checkerVladimir Kuklin
2016-12-09Replace six.iteritems() with .items()gengchc2
2016-10-04Merge "Files with no code must be left completely empty"10.0.0rc110.0.0Jenkins
2016-10-03Merge "Fix LOG.warn to LOG.warning"Jenkins
2016-09-30Files with no code must be left completely emptyCao Xuan Hoang
2016-09-29Merge "Add error message, when run not on a tty"Jenkins
2016-09-27Fix LOG.warn to LOG.warningCao Xuan Hoang
2016-09-06Clean imports in codeCao Xuan Hoang
2016-09-05Add error message, when run not on a ttyDmitry Guryanov
2016-08-22Add GrubPassword module to the fuelmenuMaksim Malchuk
2016-08-02Merge "Switch to Ubuntu Xenial"Jenkins
2016-07-25Switch to Ubuntu XenialDmitry Teselkin
2016-07-18Force fuelmenu to re-read resolv.conf on changeVyacheslav Struk
2016-06-28fix logging in fuelmenu10.0.0b1Dmitry Guryanov
2016-06-15cobblerconf module unit test coverageMikhail
2016-06-14Merge "Revert "Point DHCP gateway to default gateway""Jenkins
2016-06-13Revert "Point DHCP gateway to default gateway"Maksim Malchuk
2016-06-08Fix wrong method calls and try-except section in 'exit' methodFedor Zhadaev
2016-06-06Merge "Refactor some code"Jenkins
2016-06-06Refactor some codeRoman Prykhodchenko
2016-06-03Merge "Added ability to update PXE DHCP parameters after deploy"Jenkins
2016-06-01Added ability to update PXE DHCP parameters after deploymzhnichkov
2016-05-23Merge "Add service_token_off to keystone hash"Jenkins
2016-05-23Merge "Use first NIC with IP address by default"Jenkins
2016-05-23Add service_token_off to keystone hashMatthew Mosesohn
2016-05-23Merge "Apply puppet on the master node for security module"Jenkins
2016-05-20Apply puppet on the master node for security moduleMaksim Malchuk
2016-05-20Merge "Revert "Add service_token_off to keystone hash""Jenkins
2016-05-20Revert "Add service_token_off to keystone hash"Fedor Zhadaev
2016-05-19Merge "Refactored 'save_only' mode"Jenkins
2016-05-19Merge "Add service_token_off to keystone hash"Jenkins
2016-05-19Add service_token_off to keystone hashMatthew Mosesohn
2016-05-18Refactored 'save_only' modeFedor Zhadaev
2016-05-17Use first NIC with IP address by defaultArtem Panchenko
2016-05-16Merge "Point DHCP gateway to default gateway"Jenkins
2016-05-12Merge "Apply feature_groups settings in Nailgun"Jenkins
2016-05-12Apply feature_groups settings in NailgunMaksim Malchuk
2016-05-12Merge "prevent running second copy of fuelmenu"Jenkins
2016-05-12Merge "Static modules loading"Jenkins
2016-05-09Add forgotten @ symbol to the special character listMaksim Malchuk
2016-05-05Point DHCP gateway to default gatewayMykola Yakovliev
2016-05-05Static modules loadingNikita Zubkov