AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-21Use --old-chroot when building RPM packagesHEADmasterAlexander Evseev
2017-06-21Fix pathes to GPG keys in CentOS 7.1 mock configAlexander Evseev
2017-06-21Update mockbuild configurationAlexander Evseev
2017-05-04[build][deb] Run custom scripts before buildDmitry Burmistrov
2017-04-19[build] Ignore non-numerical tagsDmitry Burmistrov
2017-03-03[publisher] Use sha512 digestsDmitry Burmistrov
2017-02-07[build][rpm] Fix yaml reportDmitry Burmistrov
2017-01-31[build] Generate yaml report fileDmitry Burmistrov
2017-01-10[build] Customise fuel pkg revisionDmitry Burmistrov
2016-12-23[build] Update setuptoolsDmitry Burmistrov
2016-12-15Merge "[build] Use virtualenv to create tarballs"Jenkins
2016-12-15[build] Fix repolist for hotfix flowDmitry Burmistrov
2016-12-15[build] Use virtualenv to create tarballsDmitry Burmistrov
2016-11-22[publish] Fix publishing deb hotfix updatesDmitry Burmistrov
2016-10-26[build] Fix deb binaries listDmitry Burmistrov
2016-09-28[build] Separate host parameter for CRsDmitry Burmistrov
2016-09-26[publish] Add hotfix repo to version checkDmitry Burmistrov
2016-09-19Do not override GERRIT_CHANGE_STATUSDmitry Burmistrov
2016-09-09Don't check hotfix version against proposed repoAlexander Evseev
2016-09-01[build][rpm] Fix typoDmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-31[publish][deb] Fix typoDmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-29Merge "[build] Implement separate path to CR repo"Jenkins
2016-08-25[deb] Fix transactional chroot initializationDmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-25Merge "[build] Fix exit status"Jenkins
2016-08-25Revert "[build] Fix exit status"Dmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-25[build] Fix exit statusDmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-24[build] Fix exit statusDmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-22[publish][deb] Fix InRelease metadata fileDmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-19Add python-fuelclient to the list of Fuel projectsAlexander Tsamutali
2016-08-18[publish][deb] Implement InRelease metadata fileDmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-18[build] Implement separate path to CR repoDmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-16[plugin] Change versioning scheme for plugins flowDmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-16Merge "[build] Update chroots in transactional way"Jenkins
2016-08-15[build][deb] Align versioning scheme for plugins flowDmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-10[build] Update chroots in transactional wayDmitry Burmistrov
2016-08-08Merge "[build] Implement security flow"Jenkins
2016-07-28[build] Implement security flowDmitry Burmistrov
2016-07-25Add extension for upgrades to the list of Fuel projectsAlexander Tsamutali
2016-07-21Merge "Remove obsolete files"Jenkins
2016-07-19Merge "Add fuel-agent to ignore list"Jenkins
2016-07-19Add fuel-agent to ignore listMikhail Ivanov
2016-07-19Merge "[build] Implement hotfix workflow"Jenkins
2016-07-18Merge "Resign all Release files if necesary"Jenkins
2016-07-18Remove obsolete filesVladimir Kozhukalov
2016-07-18Fuel-mirror project is deprecatedVladimir Kozhukalov
2016-07-14Resign all Release files if necesaryDmitry Burmistrov
2016-07-14[build] Implement hotfix workflowDmitry Burmistrov
2016-07-12[build] Fix package grouping featureDmitry Burmistrov
2016-07-08Use full path in fuel-projects-listAlexander Tsamutali
2016-07-07Option to override version length in convert_version.pyAlexander Tsamutali