AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-22Removing VMware support in 10 Fuel releaseHEAD11.0.0.0rc1masterAlexander Kislitsky
2017-02-08Merge "[sahara] provide default version of hadoop version"Jenkins
2017-02-08Artifacts removing missedDmitry Belyaninov
2017-02-06Merge "Add missing message parameter to LOG.exception call"Jenkins
2017-02-06Merge "Prepare for using standard python tests"Jenkins
2017-02-03Drop unused requirements from ostfVladimir Khlyunev
2017-02-02Prepare for using standard python testsAndreas Jaeger
2017-02-01[sahara] provide default version of hadoop versionVitaly Gridnev
2017-01-10Add missing message parameter to LOG.exception callDmitry Mescheryakov
2017-01-10Update Nova client initialization according to 7.0.0 versionVladimir Khlyunev
2016-12-06Merge "Replace six.iteritems() with .items()"Jenkins
2016-11-28Replace six.iteritems() with .items()gecong1973
2016-11-26Show team and repo badges on READMEFlavio Percoco
2016-11-07Add "tearDownClass" call from parent classDmitry Belyaninov
2016-11-07Align with global requitementsTatyana Leontovich
2016-10-20Increase delete_server timeout to 60 secondsMaksym Strukov
2016-10-12Merge "Fix LOG.warn to LOG.warning"Jenkins
2016-10-12Merge "Files with no code must be left completely empty"Jenkins
2016-10-12Merge "Fix a typo"Jenkins
2016-10-05Files with no code must be left completely emptyCao Xuan Hoang
2016-10-04Fix a typogecong1973
2016-09-27Remove vim header from source files10.0.0rc110.0.0Cao Xuan Hoang
2016-09-26Fix LOG.warn to LOG.warningCao Xuan Hoang
2016-09-21Merge "[Murano] Multiple fixes for murano OSTF tests"Jenkins
2016-09-20[Murano] Multiple fixes for murano OSTF testsVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-09-20Add hadoop version for mos 9.1Evgeny Sikachev
2016-09-08Merge "Clean imports in code"Jenkins
2016-09-08Merge "TrivialFix: Remove logging import unused"Jenkins
2016-09-07Clean imports in codeCao Xuan Hoang
2016-09-07TrivialFix: Remove logging import unusedCao Xuan Hoang
2016-09-05Use novaclient API instead of CLI for services checkAlexey Stepanov
2016-09-05Sync with global requirementsAlexey Stepanov
2016-08-30Increased timeout for Heat autoscaling testTimur Nurlygayanov
2016-08-24Add `-k` option to curl call in waitcondition testOleksii Chuprykov
2016-08-08Add support for NIC attributesAndriy Popovych
2016-07-15TrivialFix: fixed incorrect log messageSergey Nikitin
2016-07-07Sync python-novaclient version with global-requirements.txtAlexander Tsamutali
2016-06-24murano_glance_artifacts_plugin backward compatibilityArtur Svechnikov
2016-06-14Merge "Detailed haproxy failure message"10.0.0b1Jenkins
2016-06-10Merge "Added mapping of hadoops for Ceilometer tests"Jenkins
2016-06-10Merge "Support murano plugin installation in OSTF tests"Jenkins
2016-06-10Added mapping of hadoops for Ceilometer testsEvgeny Sikachev
2016-06-09Detailed haproxy failure messageAlexandr Kostrikov
2016-06-09Support murano plugin installation in OSTF testsVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-06-08Merge "Run the file injection test case on Ceph envs"Jenkins
2016-06-06Fixed hiera command to output correct DB hostnamesDmitry Nikishov
2016-06-06Run the file injection test case on Ceph envsRoman Podoliaka
2016-06-03Resolve cross-dependency issueArtem Grechanichenko
2016-05-04Merge "Remove 'trait list' from the method of 'test_check_events_and_traits'"Jenkins
2016-04-29Merge "Remove security info from log output if not development mode"Jenkins