AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-04-14run LACP on cinder nodeHEADmasterKanzhe Jiang
2016-04-14make sure to create /etc/bigswitch directoryKanzhe Jiang
2016-04-13separate ivs setup into install and setup stepsKanzhe Jiang
2016-04-12fix exec pathKanzhe Jiang
2016-04-12make internal interface name consistentKanzhe Jiang
2016-04-10BCF P+V supportKanzhe Jiang
2016-02-24Support DVR in p-only mode and stop lacp on compute for P+V modeKanzhe Jiang
2016-02-21Add spec and doc and update to READMEKanzhe Jiang
2016-02-21Add IVS package and not install lldp for P+V compute nodesKanzhe Jiang
2016-01-11P-only cleanup, p+v prepKanzhe Jiang
2016-01-09format cleanup with puppet lintKanzhe Jiang
2016-01-07name consistency changeKanzhe Jiang
2016-01-06switch the task order to restart cluster services after configuring all contr...Kanzhe Jiang
2016-01-05apply novnc protocolKanzhe Jiang
2016-01-05set novnc protocol depending on is ssl is enabled on horizonKanzhe Jiang
2016-01-04p-only, restart cluster services separately.Kanzhe Jiang
2015-12-22separate task for primary controller and controller.Kanzhe Jiang
2015-12-19fix novnc issueKanzhe Jiang
2015-12-18restart services under pacemaker on controller nodesKanzhe Jiang
2015-12-16lacp bond depends on connectivity_testsKanzhe Jiang
2015-12-16separate lacp config and repo from main scriptsKanzhe Jiang
2015-12-11plugin UI update patch novnc proxy base urlKanzhe Jiang
2015-12-09class name correctionKanzhe Jiang
2015-12-09split deployment scripts into p-only and p_vKanzhe Jiang
2015-12-08update controller scriptKanzhe Jiang
2015-12-07support ceph nodeKanzhe Jiang
2015-12-07p-only compute is okKanzhe Jiang
2015-12-03first draft p-only pluginKanzhe Jiang
2015-11-29initial setup of bigswitch fuel pluginKanzhe Jiang
2015-09-14Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator