BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
7.0Add limitation about an odd controllers numberNadya Shakhat3 years
9.0Update plugin for MOS 9.0Nadya Shakhat3 years
masterDocs and version are updated for MOS 9.0 compatibilityNadya Shakhat3 years
1.0.2-eolcommit 5e6601c98f...Tony Breeds17 months
v1.0.2commit 5e6601c98f...Nadya Shakhat3 years
v0.2commit 1036a1cafb...Nadya Shakhat3 years
v0.1commit 7aca0c5f1c...Nadya Shakhat3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-07-27Docs and version are updated for MOS 9.0 compatibilityHEADmasterNadya Shakhat
2016-07-20Add tox target to build the pluginSimon Pasquier
2016-07-14Fix redis setup during redeployMykyta Karpin
2016-07-13Update plugin for MOS 9.0Nadya Shakhat
2016-06-27Redis Plugin Doc final review for MOS 8 & 7v1. Petit
2016-06-21Remove notification agent support from the pluginNadya Shakhat
2016-06-15Add Sphinx supportNadya Shakhat
2016-04-13Update the documentation for MOS 8.0Nadya Shakhat
2016-03-30Add an ability to run plugin on both MOS 8.0 and MOS 7.0v0.2Nadya Shakhat
2016-03-18Update package version to 3.0.0Mykyta Karpin