BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
7.0Fix wrong parameter for configuring CephAndrey Volochay3 years
8.0Merge commit 'c997a3bad44f8c69bef6456cc642b7aa4318cf6c' into 8.0Andrey Volochay3 years
9.0DOCS: Added ONTAP 9 mentionsRoman Sokolkov3 years
9.xUpdate the plugin version to 6.0.1Maksim Shkrebtan2 years
masterUpdate the plugin version to 6.0.1Maksim Shkrebtan2 years
2.0.0-eolcommit 3e1f316343...Tony Breeds17 months
1.2.0-eolcommit 7ef180730d...Tony Breeds17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-02-28Update the plugin version to 6.0.1HEADmasterMaksim Shkrebtan
2017-02-09Add title for service cinder-volumeMaksim Shkrebtan
2016-11-22Merge "Documentation update for 6.0.0"Jenkins
2016-11-21Documentation update for 6.0.0Andrey Volochay
2016-11-14Add support for using up to 3 devices simultaneouslyAndrey Volochay
2016-08-22DOCS: Added ONTAP 9 mentionsRoman Sokolkov
2016-08-12Add "/ONTAP 9" to label in UIRoman Sokolkov
2016-07-26Added link to NetApp documentationRoman Sokolkov
2016-07-19DOCS: Added note about Fuel bugRoman Sokolkov
2016-07-13Merge "Few PDF documentation improvements"Jenkins