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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-09Add title for service cinder-volumeMaksim Shkrebtan
2016-11-14Add support for using up to 3 devices simultaneouslyAndrey Volochay
2016-07-13Merge "Fixed cinder restart and add warning for LCM"Jenkins
2016-07-12Workaround for fuel-library bugRoman Sokolkov
2016-07-12Fixed cinder restart and add warning for LCMRoman Sokolkov
2016-07-07Added MOS 9.0 supportRoman Sokolkov
2016-06-16Add full support of multi backendsAndrey Volochay
2016-05-16Fixed function file nameAndrey
2016-04-13Add MOS 8.0 supportAndrey Volochay
2016-02-22Added "nfs_mount_options" valueAndrey
2016-01-27If "use multibackend" checkbox is not set theAndrey
2016-01-22Rewriting the code to fit puppet styleAlexander Noskov
2015-09-24Add E-Series storage familly supportAndrey Volochay
2015-09-23Add high availability of operations with VolumesAleksandr Vorobiov
2015-06-09Add multi backend supportsbartel
2015-05-12add 7mode support and update documentationsbartel
2015-04-30Closes-Bug: #1450099sbartel
2015-04-07Closes-Bug: #1441022Samuel Bartel
2014-12-11Cinder NetApp plugin converted to current formatUkov Dmitry
2014-12-11Initial implementation of Cinder NetApp pluginUkov Dmitry