AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-16Mend database connection paramHEADmasterMichael Polenchuk
2016-12-26Add flag for building deb-packages from sourcesFedor Zhadaev
2016-12-26Add DB-connection to the congress.pp manifestFedor Zhadaev
2016-12-22Add dependency to antlr3 moduleFedor Zhadaev
2016-12-21Minor fixes in manifestsFedor Zhadaev
2016-12-19Minor fixes in manifestsFedor Zhadaev
2016-12-19Fix manifest names in deployment tasksFedor Zhadaev
2016-12-16Minor fixes after first tryFedor Zhadaev
2016-12-16Change plugin version to 4.0.0Fedor Zhadaev
2016-12-15Add puppet manifestsFedor Zhadaev
2016-12-14Initial commitFedor
2016-12-14Initial commitFedor