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2016-12-13updated documentationdirkwall
2016-12-12added images from role selection and applicationdirkwall
2016-12-12added image to installation guidedirkwall
2016-12-08oneagent installation is now bound to role 'controller' to check hotpluggable...Dirk Wallerstorfer
2016-12-08added uninstall.shDirk Wallerstorfer
2016-12-08added reexecute on deploy changes to deplyoment tasks; restricted node roles ...Dirk Wallerstorfer
2016-12-05renamed dynatrace-agent to dynatrace-oneagentDirk Wallerstorfer
2016-12-05added qa report sourcesDirk Wallerstorfer
2016-12-05added qa docDirk Wallerstorfer
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2016-11-18Update README.mddirkwall
2016-11-17added developer specificationdirk
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2016-11-17extended documentation and added conf.pydirk
2016-11-10removing deployment_task for agent-base as it would be redundant because the ...root
2016-11-10removed parameter for sg installroot
2016-11-10reworked deployment tasks and node rolesroot
2016-11-09changed role deployment tasksroot
2016-11-09added global deployment tasks for new rolesroot
2016-11-09refactored puppet layoutroot
2016-11-09changed hiera lookuproot
2016-11-09rename to dynatraceroot
2016-11-09added *.rpm to ignore listroot
2016-11-09added .gitignore fileroot
2016-11-07- conditional now uses local variabledirkwall
2016-11-07removed debug outputdirkwall
2016-11-07removed unnecessary librariesdirkwall
2016-11-07adding new manifestsroot
2016-11-07revised puppet scripts with Georgroot
2016-11-04adding tasks.yamlroot
2016-11-03updated metadata and node_rolesroot
2016-10-18plugin works now with checkboxroot
2016-10-18slight adaptations in field labels and plugin descriptionroot
2016-10-17- updated parameters in formdirkwall
2016-10-17reformatting environemnt yaml filedirkwall
2016-10-17reformatting yaml filesdirk
2016-10-17- updating fuel-plugin UI for Dynatrace Managed instancedirkwall
2016-07-22added plugin guide documentation in rst formatdirkwall
2016-07-13adding modulesdirk
2016-07-13added modules folder to gitdirk
2016-07-13refactored deployment script so that necessary modules are included in puppet...dirk
2016-07-12Update deploy.ppdirkwall
2016-07-12Update deploy.shdirkwall