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masterAdded empty tasks.yamlAleksandr Didenko3 years
stable/8.0Remove checkbox for skip vrouter vipsAleksandr Didenko3 years
stable/newtonAdded empty tasks.yamlAleksandr Didenko3 years
1.0-eolcommit ef5abfdad0...Tony Breeds17 months
mitaka-eolcommit d75108ae2d...Joshua Hesketh18 months
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2016-05-19Added empty tasks.yamlHEADstable/newtonmasterAleksandr Didenko
2016-04-25Change task name to be more pluin specificAleksandr Didenko
2016-04-25Add fuel-9.0 supportAleksandr Didenko
2016-03-15Remove checkbox for skip vrouter vips1.0-eolstable/8.0Aleksandr Didenko
2016-03-11Fix disabling of /etc/hosts update in case of FQDNAleksandr Didenko
2016-02-22Fix style in how-to-build part of docAleksandr Didenko
2016-02-22Merge "Change package version to 3.0.0"Jenkins
2016-02-22Change package version to 3.0.0Aleksandr Didenko
2016-02-22Add how to build plugin docAleksandr Didenko
2016-02-10Added table of contents to READMEAleksandr Didenko