BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
7.0Updates to properly assign values for $tls_cacertdirMaksym Yatsenko3 years
8.0Adds Plugin GuideMaksym Yatsenko3 years
9.0Merge "Update template for LDAP proxy with TLS."Jenkins3 years
masterRelease 3.0.2Mykyta Karpin2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-03-13Release 3.0.2HEADmasterMykyta Karpin
2017-02-13Rewrite additional domains generationMykyta Karpin
2017-01-23Release plugin 3.0.1 versionMykyta Karpin
2016-11-04Update task versionMykyta Karpin
2016-08-30Update certificate for tlsMykyta Karpin
2016-08-26Configuration of testsMykyta Karpin
2016-07-07Merge "Update template for LDAP proxy with TLS."9.0Jenkins
2016-07-07Merge "Update repo URL namespace from stackforge to openstack"Jenkins
2016-07-07Adds Plugin Guide.Maksym Yatsenko
2016-07-06Update template for LDAP proxy with TLS.Maksym Yatsenko