AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-29Fix Puppet tests againHEADmasterSimon Pasquier
2017-03-28Fix collectd plugins when 'internalURL' isn't setSimon Pasquier
2017-03-28Make Puppet lint happySimon Pasquier
2017-03-17Fix for aggregate metricsOlivier Bourdon
2017-03-13Merge "Fix Glance API pagination polling"Jenkins
2017-03-13Merge "Bump version to 1.1"Jenkins
2017-03-09Fix Glance API pagination pollingSwann Croiset
2017-03-09Bump version to 1.1Simon Pasquier
2017-03-07Support CADF notificationsSimon Pasquier
2017-02-24Merge "Disable check metrics to avoid redundant metrics"Jenkins
2017-02-24Disable check metrics to avoid redundant metricsSwann Croiset
2017-02-24Merge "Don't send http_check_check metric"Jenkins
2017-02-23Don't send http_check_check metricSimon Pasquier
2017-02-23Merge "Use changes-since parameter when polling Nova server details"Jenkins
2017-02-22Use changes-since parameter when polling Nova server detailsSwann Croiset
2017-02-22Get rid of openstack_nova_instance_state metricSimon Pasquier
2017-02-21Fix image size metricsSimon Pasquier
2017-02-14Merge "Enable Keystone v3 API when obtaining users and tenants"Jenkins
2017-02-13Enable Keystone v3 API when obtaining users and tenantsDanil Akhmetov
2017-02-13Force the Puppet Package provider to apt_fuel for collectd packageSwann Croiset
2017-02-09Use Cinder API v2Swann Croiset
2017-02-09Retrieve only useful Neutron fieldsSwann Croiset
2017-02-09Enable pagination for NeutronSwann Croiset
2017-02-09Configure pagination for OpenStack collectd pluginsSwann Croiset
2017-02-09Merge "Poll OpenStack resources in background"Jenkins
2017-02-09Merge "Use Glance API v2"Jenkins
2017-02-09Merge "Support pagination for OpenStack services"Jenkins
2017-02-09Poll OpenStack resources in backgroundSwann Croiset
2017-02-09Fix Logger setting in sandboxesSwann Croiset
2017-02-09Hot fix regarding Logger deserializationSwann Croiset
2017-02-07Use Glance API v2Swann Croiset
2017-02-07Support pagination for OpenStack servicesSwann Croiset
2017-02-07Merge "Rework collectd plugins for OpenStack"Jenkins
2017-02-03Merge "Fix typo in"Jenkins
2017-02-02Fix typo in collectd_base.pySimon Pasquier
2017-02-02Cast 'http_status' field into an integerSwann Croiset
2017-01-31Rework collectd plugins for OpenStackSwann Croiset
2017-01-27Merge "Purge metric_collector toml files from previous version"Jenkins
2017-01-27Merge "Correctly cleanup self-monitoring sandboxes"Jenkins
2017-01-25Purge metric_collector toml files from previous versionSwann Croiset
2017-01-25Correctly cleanup self-monitoring sandboxesSwann Croiset
2017-01-25Combine the global and per aggregate Nova memory alarmsSwann Croiset
2017-01-23Merge "Update release notes for 1.0.0"Jenkins
2017-01-23Update release notes for 1.0.0Swann Croiset
2017-01-23Fix Pacemaker collectd pluginSwann Croiset
2017-01-23Fix Cinder local endpoint checkSwann Croiset
2017-01-23Fix MySQL resource name in Pacemaker with MOS 8.0Swann Croiset
2017-01-19Add alarms for Nova aggregatesOlivier Bourdon
2017-01-19Add metrics for Nova aggregatesOlivier Bourdon
2017-01-18Fix Puppet specsSwann Croiset