AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-03Update Samba versionHEADmasterOlivier Bourdon
2017-03-29Fix Puppet tests + Samba package versionSimon Pasquier
2017-03-09Bump version to 1.1Simon Pasquier
2017-03-06Fix PHP version in pre_build_hookSimon Pasquier
2017-02-14Adjust the External Command Check IntervalSwann Croiset
2017-02-08[LMA Plugin Guide] Trivial fixOlena Logvinova
2017-01-27Create the dashboard link when upgrading from 0.10.3Swann Croiset
2017-01-27Reduce the concurrent execution likelihood of Puppet runsSwann Croiset
2017-01-27Remove previous Nagios servicesSwann Croiset
2017-01-20Update release notes for 1.0Swann Croiset
2017-01-16Fix the contact_groups used for hostsSwann Croiset
2017-01-11Merge "Enforce literal strings in Hiera YAML file"Jenkins
2017-01-10Fix typo host.pppangliye
2017-01-10Enforce literal strings in Hiera YAML fileSimon Pasquier
2017-01-04Merge "Fix typo nagios.pp"Jenkins
2016-12-22Upgrade Samba packageSwann Croiset
2016-11-02Remove the dummy check if necessarySwann Croiset
2016-11-02Update release notesSwann Croiset
2016-11-02Fix typo nagios.pppangliye
2016-10-25Merge "Configure logrotate for WSGI logs"Jenkins
2016-10-25Configure logrotate for WSGI logsSwann Croiset
2016-10-18[Docs] EditsMaria Zlatkova
2016-10-14Merge "Update documentation for 1.0"1.0rc1Jenkins
2016-10-14Update documentation for 1.0Guillaume Thouvenin
2016-10-12Support alerting attribute per AFDSwann Croiset
2016-10-10Skip service configuration for remote alarmsSwann Croiset
2016-10-06Rename AFD and GSE alerting attributesSwann Croiset
2016-10-06Upgrade PHP packagesGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-09-30Upgrade Samba packagesSwann Croiset
2016-09-28Allow to pass a list of LDAP serversGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-09-22Fix Nagios service names for GSEsSwann Croiset
2016-09-20Merge "Support activate_alerting and enable_notification properties for GSE"Jenkins
2016-09-20Merge "Support activate_alarming and enable_notification"Jenkins
2016-09-20Merge "Alarming refactoring"Jenkins
2016-09-16Merge "Modify the cron job to use specific version of the plugin"Jenkins
2016-09-16Fix a cycle in graph of tasksGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-09-15Modify the cron job to use specific version of the pluginGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-09-15Support activate_alerting and enable_notification properties for GSESwann Croiset
2016-09-13Support activate_alarming and enable_notificationSwann Croiset
2016-09-13Alarming refactoringSwann Croiset
2016-09-02Switch the Nagios dashboard to the public networkSimon Pasquier
2016-08-24Fix lint issue in lma_infra_alerting::nagiosSimon Pasquier
2016-08-24Pin the puppetlabs_spec_helper versionSimon Pasquier
2016-08-17Modify the check of the hostname in SSL certificateGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-08-16Revert "Fix a cycle in graph of tasks"Swann Croiset
2016-08-11Fix a cycle in graph of tasksGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-08-09Fix issue with LDAP protocol radio buttonGuillaume Thouvenin
2016-08-05Update PHP packages againSwann Croiset
2016-08-04Merge "Configure the NTP service"Jenkins
2016-08-04Merge "Configure the DNS resolver"Jenkins