AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-24Fix for CI issue related to submodule downloadingHEADmasterRuslan Khozinov
2016-11-03s/onTap/ONTAP/ in the env_config.yamlIgor Gajsin
2016-10-20Merge "add create_share.png"Jenkins
2016-10-20add create_share.pngIgor Gajsin
2016-10-20[doc] Add bug about snapshot to the limitationsIgor Gajsin
2016-10-19compatible components are addedIgor Gajsin
2016-10-19Merge "add usage and troubleshooting sections to the UserGuide"Jenkins
2016-10-19add usage and troubleshooting sections to the UserGuideIgor Gajsin
2016-10-18Merge "fix typo in code"Jenkins
2016-10-18Merge "update fuel-qa submodule to newest commit"Jenkins
2016-10-18update fuel-qa submodule to newest commitVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-18fix typo in codeVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-18added cleanup actions after for manila verifyVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-14Merge "Add the user guide"Jenkins
2016-10-14Add the user guideIgor Gajsin
2016-10-14add --insecure to the manila type-create commandIgor Gajsin
2016-10-14remove example tasks from tasks.yamlIgor Gajsin
2016-10-13fix type in the specificationIgor Gajsin
2016-10-13fix type in the specificationIgor Gajsin
2016-10-13Merge "Add specification"Jenkins
2016-10-13Bring creation default share type backIgor Gajsin
2016-10-13Add specificationIgor Gajsin
2016-10-11Merge "added delay before share create"Jenkins
2016-10-11added delay before share createVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-10Merge "fix typo in tag"Jenkins
2016-10-10fix typo in tagVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-07clean pre_build_hook from manilaclient buildingIgor Gajsin
2016-10-07refactored due to issue with logwrap decoratorVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-07fix type in the install.ppIgor Gajsin
2016-10-07add restrictions for NetApp driver on UIIgor Gajsin
2016-10-06use latest manilaclient from pipIgor Gajsin
2016-10-06Merge "Closes-Bug: #1630294"Jenkins
2016-10-06Merge "removed deprecated params from test"Jenkins
2016-10-06add failover test manila_shut_cephVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-06add failover test manila_shut_reb_cinderVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-06add failover test manila_shut_reb_dataVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-06Closes-Bug: #1630294Volodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-06removed deprecated params from testVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-06add failover test manila_shut_reb_shareVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-06add failover test manila_shut_reb_computeVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-05Merge "Fix hot-plug"Jenkins
2016-10-05Fix hot-plugIgor Gajsin
2016-10-05Merge "add failover test manila_shut_reb_controller"Jenkins
2016-10-05add failover test manila_shut_reb_controllerVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-05Merge "increase share create time out"Jenkins
2016-10-05increase share create time outVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-10-04Remote creation default share type and share networkIgor Gajsin
2016-10-04fix for add_ceph testVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-09-30manila_del_add_controllerVolodymyr Rozhanskyy
2016-09-30add test cephVolodymyr Rozhanskyy