AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-23Merge "Fix a typo in haproxy.pp"HEADmasterJenkins
2017-05-23Fix a typo in haproxy.ppgengchc2
2017-03-21fuel-devops version bumpDmitry Kaigarodsev
2016-12-12Add tests on upgrade murano plugin via new versionAleksandr Kholkin
2016-12-12Update settings for murano_out_of_the_box snapshotVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-12-09Update ceph usage with correct osd_pool_sizeVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-12-05Use ceph instead of cinder in systestsVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-11-28Merge "Remove white space between print ()"Jenkins
2016-11-28Merge "Add Apache 2.0 license to source file"Jenkins
2016-11-28Merge "Small fix to the test"Jenkins
2016-11-28Small fix to the testAleksandr Kholkin
2016-11-25Merge "add test move_murano_plugin_on_environment_from_controller_to_murano_n...Jenkins
2016-11-25add test move_murano_plugin_on_environment_from_controller_to_murano_nodeAleksandr Kholkin
2016-11-25Wait cluster readiness in failover testsVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-11-18Remove white space between print ()Cao Xuan Hoang
2016-11-15Add Apache 2.0 license to source fileCao Xuan Hoang
2016-11-08Adjust base snapshot name for createmirror system testVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-11-07Fix couple of issues in testsVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-11-01Add system test check Murano plugin servicesOlehBaran
2016-11-01Merge "Add Upgrade test"Jenkins
2016-11-01Add Upgrade testMStolyarenko
2016-10-20Adding idempotency testOleksii Zhurba
2016-10-10Do not execute Murano tests on env without MuranoVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-10-08Add retry to check_plugin_onlineKirill Zaitsev
2016-09-29Alight names with CIalexz
2016-09-07Do not execute full_ha test as past of bvtVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-09-06Correct snapshot used for murano failover on controllerVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-09-06Adjust test groups in the tests and fix typoVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-09-02Remove check_run function usage in testsVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-09-01Fix multiple typos in testsVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-08-31Adjust snapshot names in system testsVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-08-29Add system tests for deployment murano to controllers via pluginVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-08-26Merge "Adding upgrade tests for Murano Fuel plugin"Jenkins
2016-08-26Include core module in fuel-qa packageVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-08-26Do not execute ha tests on non-ha environmentsVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-08-25Merge "Add Script for murano-dashboard jenkins"Jenkins
2016-08-24Adding upgrade tests for Murano Fuel pluginOleksii Zhurba
2016-08-23Add Script for murano-dashboard jenkinsMStolyarenko
2016-08-15Add tempest configure scripts and rally dockerfilesVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-08-12Version bump for 'fuel-devops'Dmitry Kaigarodtsev
2016-08-01Add failover testsRodion Promyshlennikov
2016-07-29Add post installation testsRodion Promyshlennikov
2016-07-25Add system testsRodion Promyshlennikov
2016-07-25Add uninstall feature testsRodion Promyshlennikov
2016-07-25Add basic deployment testRodion Promyshlennikov
2016-07-21Fixes for consistencyRodion Promyshlennikov
2016-07-14Update plugin settingsVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-07-14Fix incorrect deployment mode in helpersVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-07-14Fix multiple pep8 errorsVictor Ryzhenkin
2016-07-14Fix a typo in system test runnerVictor Ryzhenkin