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1.0Merge "Spec for fuel-plugin-networking-sfc" into 1.0Jenkins3 years
masterUnification of terminologyMaciej Relewicz3 years
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2016-07-27Unification of terminologyHEADmasterMaciej Relewicz
2016-07-14Fix readme for masterMaciej Relewicz
2016-07-01Backport for Fuel 10.0Maciej Relewicz
2016-06-23Add pre-install hook for networking-sfc packageBartosz Kupidura
2016-06-21Wrong readme formating on githubBartosz Kupidura
2016-06-21Update readmeBartosz Kupidura
2016-06-21Networking-sfc is very dynamic, stick to last know working commitBartosz Kupidura
2016-06-21Merge "Disabling security groups is not needed"Jenkins
2016-06-17Disabling security groups is not neededBartosz Kupidura
2016-06-17Add Bartek Kupidura as contributorMaciej Relewicz