BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
6.1Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator3 years
7.0split delete into several stepsdongfeng3 years
Kilochange ovs configuration so that onos will not need an independent public portdongfeng3 years
Liberty change onos bag with short vpingdongfeng3 years
Mitakaupdate READMEwuwenbin23 years
kilofix bug for ha-modedongfeng3 years
masteropnfv onosfw path updatesathishkumar_murugesan23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-04-20opnfv onosfw path updateHEADmastersathishkumar_murugesan
2017-03-15onos version upgrade to 1.8.4sathishkumar_murugesan
2017-03-10To run onos as service, code added .sathishkumar_murugesan
2017-02-20Update for Fuel10 - onos upgrade to 1.8.2sathishkumar_murugesan
2017-02-20merging changes to master branch from mitaka brnachsathishkumar_murugesan
2016-01-05update readmedongfeng
2016-01-03modify readme and fix conflict of public port in controllersdongfeng
2015-12-26fix bug for ha-modekilodongfeng
2015-12-21fix build.shdongfeng
2015-12-21onos plugin for fuel 7.0dongfeng