AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-16Add docs/specs for 8.0/9.0HEADmasterVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-16Add docs/specs for 7.0Volodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-15Add class description and related docsVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-15Setting up configuration parameters for RallyVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-12Allign style-guide with puppet-lint requirementsVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-11Add support 8.0Volodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-11Switch to system-wide installationVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-05update /etc/hosts with public host nameSergey Kulikov
2016-08-04decrease exec timeoutSergey Kulikov
2016-08-04delete unnecessary manifestSergey Kulikov
2016-08-04update hiera override and tasksSergey Kulikov
2016-08-04Update rally moduleSergey Kulikov
2016-08-04Add public network for rally roleVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-04Fix 7.0 supportVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-04Merge branch 'master' of Stoiko
2016-08-04Add 7.0 supportVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-04Add 7.0 supportVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-04rally puppet moduleSergey Kulikov
2016-08-04Add pre-build hookSergey Kulikov
2016-08-03Remove redeployment on changeVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-03Add path/tag repository settingsVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-02Add hiera yaml override fileVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-02Deploy configured node for RallyVolodymyr Stoiko
2016-08-01Initial fuel-plugin-rally structureVolodymyr Stoiko